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Charlie Sheen

I Can Save Lindsay

3/3/2013 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0301-charlie-sheen-lindsay-lohan-tmzCharlie Sheen wants to become Lindsay Lohan's savior, and he thinks he has the credentials and cred to do the job.

Charlie tells TMZ, "I have a kinship with somebody [Lindsay] who clearly needs a mentor, whether she wants one or not. She can continue to hang out with her dress shredding club buddies, or turn to me for some advice from a guy who's been down the road as well as every other side trail on the journey."

He adds, "If she listens, she'll win. If she doesn't, that's on her."

You'll recall ... Charlie and Lindsay struck up a friendship while working together on "Scary Movie 5," after which Charlie cut Lindsay a $100,000 check to help with her tax problems. Lindsay's now returning the favor by appearing in an upcoming episode of "Anger Management" -- actually, that may be Charlie doing Lindsay another solid.

Shockingly, Charlie still claims they've never hooked up, "I love her, I respect her, and I've never laid a finger on her that wasn't on film. How ya like me now, America?"


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teresa rodriguez    

Are you kidding me....... A mentor.... Ready........ Sheen can't keep his fly close and off drugs... So he gives Lohan money and his excuse is he is her mentor. Pretty expensive price to be just a mentor. Did Lohan throw in some drugs or sex. Maybe offer herself as the more experience whore and found couple virgins to sweeten the deal

563 days ago


Oh he def wants to Boink her, She just wont let him.....yet!

563 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    


I'm going to play the advocates devil for a minute. It seems that Charlie has a great PR machine. Since it has be stated that his show is not doing so good he has given money that would get him good PR. Before all this you did not hear about him contributing to anyone (he may have - don't know). Just seems like they are trying to clean up his image at this point and try to get more viewers for his show. It's great that the cancer patient was on the receiving end of his generousity and the funeral expenses paid but it seems strategically done. Not saying this is the way it is, just speculating and wondering what you all think.




Could you please give more examples as those are the only two that I have seen?


Oh FFS Charlie has done more to help people then you ever will! what have YOU done???


Charlie Sheen has supported the following charities:

Aid For AIDS
Dine Out Los Angeles
Lili Claire Foundation
Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis
Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorder


Charlie Sheen pledges $1 million to military charity - Charlie Sheen has pledged $1 million to a US military charity and promised to donate more if his new television show Anger Management becomes a hit. The money, at least one per cent of the profits Sheen makes from the new comedy show, will go to the United Services Organisation's (USO) care programme that is raising money to help wounded and sick soldiers and their families, a USO spokeswoman said. It would be among the largest monetary donations made to the group.


Charlie Sheen Donates $50,000 To Cincinnati Reds Fund - CINCINNATI -- Actor Charlie Sheen, a lifelong Cincinnati Reds fan, has pledged to donate $50,000 to the team's Community Fund, matching the amount broadcaster Marty Brennaman raised for charity in return for having his head shaved on the field.


Charlie Sheen pays $10,000 for injured teen's therapy dog - There's a 15-year-old Florida girl who didn't really know much about Charlie Sheen before this week -- but does now.
The actor wired $10,000 to Teagan Marti and her family on Thursday for a therapy dog to help in her rehabilitation from injuries sustained when she plummeted 100 feet from a Wisconsin amusement park ride in 2010.
"I think he's a very kind person for helping me and my family and very generous," Teagan Marti said by phone Thursday from her home in Parkland, Fla.


Charlie Sheen Raises $20,000 for Charity at San Francisco Show -
Donald Kravitz/Getty Images
He'll donate the money to a fund to the man brutally beaten outside the Dodgers baseball stadium.

Charlie Sheen raised $20,000 for charity at his San Francisco tour stop over the weekend, his rep, Larry Solters, tells The Hollywood Reporter.
Sheen is donating the money to the Bryan Stow Fund. Stow was brutally beaten last month outside Dodgers Stadium.


Charlie Sheen Donates $10K To Pal’s Poker Charity Event - The former Two and a Half Men star showed his support for best friend Tony Todd’s baseball program and charity event by donating $10,000, has exclusively learned. “Charlie’s donation of $10,000 means everything to me and to our baseball program,” Tony told in an exclusive interview. “He had wanted to offer more, but I said that is way too much. This is the side of him that the media does not know about. He is always there trying to help others who are less fortunate.”


So much for questioning Charlie's compassion, generosity and motives. You may shut the fvck up now.

563 days ago


Actually a perfectly matched couple

563 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan Wants to Mentor Girls. Seriously.

Posted by Gossip Girl

Yes minions, you read that right. Lindsay Lohan has put out feelers to become a mentor to girls at Trinity Athletics in Georgia, which gets underprivileged young ladies involved in gymnastics and cheerleading. Because…LiLo knows anything about either of those? Or being a productive human being in general? In fact, the only things Linds is qualified to teach involve raiding hotel minibars, toeing the line between celebrity and prostitute, and ruining designer dresses in the least amount of time.

Darlings, if you know of any such organization, please do let me know. In the meantime, the Trinity Athletic center is politely pumping the brakes on Lindsay’s request, saying that while they do appreciate her interest, she may only be of use to the girls as an example of what not to do…XOXO.


563 days ago


Gavin gets the same reaction that Blo does....:

zee aziz ‏@zeeaziz

dear @nytimes if i want to read garbage about fame whoring enabler like @savethesociety I'd have stick w/the Post. THX …

563 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Polls, polls you say? What polls, i don't see any polls! hahaha!

Today is a great day, er tragic day for h8turds! *smirk*

563 days ago


Good guy Charlie save yourself Charlie save yourself

563 days ago


Love Charlie, but I think he should continue to save himself first. Lindsay deserves to suffer through her immaturity and start growing up on her own. She's had enough chances.

563 days ago


and who is going to take care of charlie???

563 days ago


Takes one to know one and maybe he can help her? She definitely needs it.

563 days ago


Run Charlie....Far and Fast.

563 days ago


I am gouging my eyes out trying to unsee the visual of MADDY'S post of Crackie blowing turbanators for cash while Ali and Hobie play with legos a few feet away-so forgive any typos on my 2 cents worth on this thread. The ONLY WAY Charlie can SAVE Crackie is to leave her alone and allow her to save herself and then be there for her as a friend when she begins picking up the pieces of her ****tered life. While they share similarities-untreated mental illness with self medicating/addicton issues-they are on different paths in their journey through life. As we all are. His path is one of untreated bipolar d/o with self medication issues. And in order to help her, he needs to get on a whole differnt path. While he's functional in society-able to show up for work and manage his finances-he clearly is not WINNING. So on the surface it looks like he is winning. But underneath is where the truth lies. Once upon a time, Charlie had talent. He could be doing the movies that Cruise and Damon get picked for-and do a better job- instead of being reduced to playing a caricature of himself on television. He is unable to maintain any longterm intimate relationships. He would not even have a relationship with his kids if wasn't for Denise Richards generous support and understanding. And he wasn't even able to SAVE Brooke Mueller from her own demons. He needs to save himself first and then get on a different path himself before he can be that friend that Crackie needs, once she helps herself by acknowledging her mentally illness and self medicating/addiction issues. And where I'm sitting, Crackie hasn't started to help herself yet. This epiphany that Heller says she having is like all the rest of her epiphanies-trotted out to garner compassion and mercy and avoid jail time. But in the interim while waiting for a TRUE epiphany from Crackie, Charlie could lay the groundwork to help his friend by arranging for her POS parents th disappear of the face of the earth. That will be a good a start. I believe the world would be on board with that.

563 days ago


That's nice enough for him to want to help her but she's not one who even thinks she needs help.

563 days ago


He really is Captain Save a Ho

563 days ago
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