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Navajo Nation

'Mike & Molly' Joke


3/3/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

030113_mikeandmindy_launchThe Navajo Nation is LIVID after a joke aired on "Mike & Molly" ... calling Native Americans a bunch of drunks ... and now the group is demanding an apology from CBS.

In case you missed it, Mike's mother on the show -- an Archie Bunker type -- says, "You ever been to Arizona? It's just furnace full of drunk Indians."

The joke isn't sitting well in the Native American community. A rep for the Navajo Nation tells TMZ,  "For a show like this displaying us in a negative light is just unacceptable, they are taking a shot at the entire state of Arizona and its indigenous people."

The rep says, "An apology would be the right thing to do, but some damage done can't be fixed in an apology."

Calls to CBS weren't returned.


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Oh please. My husband is Cherokee, he's the first to make drunken Indian jokes. Relax for Pete's sake.

564 days ago


Ridiculous. Quit whining and get a life.

564 days ago


Use critical thinking skills when analyzing a problem that a particular ethnicity has. A little bit of empathy would also help too, because regardless alcoholism is not funny.

564 days ago


I've worked behind the scenes with the indians... they are serious coke heads. But what would you be if the white man came and killed 99% of your people and left you a small piece of land in return. We destroyed an entire race.

564 days ago


awww boo hooo..truth hurts!!

564 days ago


Give me an effing break! Are we supposed to feel the burden of walking on eggshells every time we open our mouths??? I am a medical doctor, female, 36, and blonde....I am called "nurse" by patients who think a physician must have a specific appearance different than mine. I am called "honey" by male physicians AND patients. In the operating room, it can be pretty rough but I stand my ground with these misogynistic, egotistical man-children and give it right back! Does it hurt me? Yes! Could I file sexual discrimination lawsuits against the physicians and the hospitals where I have medical privileges? Yes! But I choose not to because I can handle it. These people who cry discrimination over every little comment need to grow thicker skin and stop making a huge deal over something so damn small. Deal with it!!!

564 days ago


This situation is so true throughout many Indian communities, instead of crying foul all the time, start looking for solutions and reasons this is happening in great numbers!

564 days ago


What damage?

564 days ago


Jewish people, who make up for most of the people on TV, can make racist jokes about everyone, but you try and make a joke about them and see how they act. They've gotten bad lately. The jews at Saturday Night Live had 'Appalachian Hospital' and you cannot get any more racist than that. But let somebody from the Appalachias laugh at a jew and they7'll be labeled "anti-semite' and drug through the media.

564 days ago


truth pisses some people off . . .

564 days ago


Movies can be politically incorrect but not TV sitcoms? It’s not like it’s a real person spewing hate … it’s a politically incorrect joke – happens all the time on TV – even on TMZ!

564 days ago

Vince running rabbit    

Wow you guys are racist!

564 days ago

captain chillymost    

FYI The guy in the crying Indian commercial isn't even Indian. He's been fooling people for years. Talk about racist.

564 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

In that context it is way out of line. It's considered racists because if people use a derogatory slur as a joke that may impact real people and real economics then it bears consideration. For people who do not know anything about Native American history in this country, it's offensive.

ALL Natives are not drunks. That's insensitive and can be better handled. native Americans have a great sense of humor but racism in that context is not funny.

564 days ago


Any show that has two Fat and sloppy stars should think twice before airing anything that senseless. The woman in the show is a talent-less Fat Pig and the Man who is supposed to be a police officer couldn't be farther from the truth

564 days ago
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