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Navajo Nation

'Mike & Molly' Joke


3/3/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

030113_mikeandmindy_launchThe Navajo Nation is LIVID after a joke aired on "Mike & Molly" ... calling Native Americans a bunch of drunks ... and now the group is demanding an apology from CBS.

In case you missed it, Mike's mother on the show -- an Archie Bunker type -- says, "You ever been to Arizona? It's just furnace full of drunk Indians."

The joke isn't sitting well in the Native American community. A rep for the Navajo Nation tells TMZ,  "For a show like this displaying us in a negative light is just unacceptable, they are taking a shot at the entire state of Arizona and its indigenous people."

The rep says, "An apology would be the right thing to do, but some damage done can't be fixed in an apology."

Calls to CBS weren't returned.


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Yet no one seems to care that the show is just one long fat joke.

599 days ago


People watch that show?

599 days ago


First, a character who is portrayed as unenlightened made the comment. Second, get over it! I'm a woman and if I had a dime for every mysoginistic comment made on a TV show in the name of comedy, I'd be a 1%-er. Is this really the biggest problem challenging Native Americans today? Because I thought it was unemployment, access to higher education, and the poverty level on reservations...

599 days ago


I live in a city FULL of native people, I'm from Canada. And you can't ride the bus without a drunken one asking you for a dollar "for coffee" or something. I know not ALL of them are like that but I'm just basing my opinion on my experience. And this bullsh*t when like someone said below, Famiyl Guy will do a joke like this all the time, looks like just some natives looking for a handout. "An apology won't do the damage justice" mhmmm.

599 days ago


Isn't the whole point supposed to be that the mother in law is being portrayed as unlikeable, ignorant and racist?? Was it not making fun of racists not Native Americans?? Sigh

599 days ago


Teh "crying indian" wasn't an indian at all. His name was Espera Oscar de Corti and he was Italian-American. So how about an apology to the Indians, the Italian-Americans, and Oscar's family?

599 days ago


Those fatsos creep me out.. They look like 2 sweaty sweaty sows covered in yards of fabric. One should be smallef

599 days ago


This is totally wrong and incorrect!! They should've gone with a peace pipe joke, instead!

599 days ago


If i ran CBS id give them the finger instead of an apology. Every comedian out there makea jokea that offends someone. Its a comedy tv show...get over

599 days ago


Well I can tell ou that where I am from that statement is very true.......walk downtown and you can see that statement is true...drunks and bums pissing all over the place!

599 days ago


Whoops....get over one little joke, you drunken navajo crybabies.

599 days ago


im full Navajo and from the Navajo reservation in AZ and im not at all offended by this because i know it isn't accurate. so y'all can go on and portray us however you'd like - just know that the majority of us don't really care. we're far off better than most of the country anyway. alcoholism here is a speck compared to what goes on in the rest of the country.

599 days ago


Alcohol has been a problem for Native Americans since the occurrence of white settlers.
Called the white man's devil water, alcohol has a firm grip on Native American communities, especially on the youth. 71% of Native American adolescents in Grades 7-12 reported ever having used alcohol. The arrest rate for alcohol-related offenses among American Indians (drunken driving and public drunkenness) was more than double that for the total population.****

599 days ago


It's funny because if you made a fat joke about "Molly" she would freak out on you. She's all: "I eat only healthy food and veggies and exercise every day..." Yeah, riiiight.

599 days ago

Melissa B    

OF COURSE it's NOT racist! Silly guys, it's not a joke against blacks or immigrants!! Only then is it offensive!

599 days ago
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