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Navajo Nation

'Mike & Molly' Joke


3/3/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

030113_mikeandmindy_launchThe Navajo Nation is LIVID after a joke aired on "Mike & Molly" ... calling Native Americans a bunch of drunks ... and now the group is demanding an apology from CBS.

In case you missed it, Mike's mother on the show -- an Archie Bunker type -- says, "You ever been to Arizona? It's just furnace full of drunk Indians."

The joke isn't sitting well in the Native American community. A rep for the Navajo Nation tells TMZ,  "For a show like this displaying us in a negative light is just unacceptable, they are taking a shot at the entire state of Arizona and its indigenous people."

The rep says, "An apology would be the right thing to do, but some damage done can't be fixed in an apology."

Calls to CBS weren't returned.


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the total lack of sensitivity from writers who think they can say and get away with anything. Making jokes and money at the expense of others is totally wrong. I don't see anyone making actors wear black face as a joke, why? Because of the repercussions, it is wrong.. so why make jokes at the expense of Native Americans?

563 days ago


Shes supposed to be an ignorant, politically incorrect old woman. The show is making fun of people like her not supporting their views.

563 days ago


My opinion is it is disgusting I am native and think its so rude and unbelievable they even thought about airing that comment let alone acting on it. I dont walk around calling them fat

563 days ago


they need to get off there asses and apologize NOW

563 days ago


Changed your wording, huh TMZ. Navajo nation "PISSED". Bet you all thought that was funny until someone pointed out, like the joke they consider racists, so was the headline. This coming from the Staff of Harvey Levin who's always quick to point out racism and Homophobic remarks.

563 days ago

Darth Kai    

Can you imagine if comments were aimed at the black community in something similar? NAACP, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be calling for this shows cancellation. Any other group made fun of, it's just comedy let it go.

563 days ago

al baby    

Iron Eyes Cody was an italian actor you bunch of sip dhits

563 days ago

Melissa B    

It is a JOKE but why not look into why they have high alcoholism rates? They have extremely high addiction rates, rape rates, suicide rates, poverty rates…something is going on and instead of mocking them we should help them. They are ignored no matter how bad things get on the reservations. They're not all swimming in money from casinos nor are they all drunks. Why not have compassion? If it's anyone else suffering from alcoholism we usually have SOME compassion but if it's a Native of course not. It's a lot harder than you think. They have been getting screwed in the as s for 500 years. We took away the way they knew how to live and now they are struggling to live 'our' way but it's hard for them as creating revenue and successful businesses on the reservation is quite difficult. They have no jobs on the reservation, no hope, there are kids who have alcohol problems and you want them to just 'suck it up'? I can't imagine how hard it would be for a CHILD to struggle with addiction. Obviously the Natives need to step it up and really try harder, and SO many of them are trying but all we see are the drunk ones. And also there are many kids w/no parents or absentee parents. They don’t know HOW to do it right. They need help. They have suffered worse than ANYONE in this country yet we ignore them. There are some people who actually think they are EXTINCT. They are not. They are here and really need some help. They are trying really hard to preserve their history and there is nothing wrong with that. We do that w/our ancestors. I don’t know, I just feel bad for them and instead of making fun of them maybe we can help. They have no hope, they are ignored. When you have no hope and are ignored, well those two things are NOT a good combination. Not to mention our government continues to STEAL from them to THIS DAY!

563 days ago


I understand the "right" to say whatever you want to say, but when it perpetuates negative stereotypes of a group of people that are still fighting for survival it only does more damage, it only confirms the damaging stereotype that we are still fighting to get rid of. Thank You TMZ for picking this up

563 days ago


So sick of this pc's a joke! On the show she takes pot shots at everyone..she's an equal opportunity racist.. if it had been said on CNN or 20/20 might be different...

563 days ago


Oh okay, so the Onion shouldn't have apologized for calling Quvenzhane Wallis the c-word, and the people at Mike & Molly should not have been offended when being called disgusting or anything for being obese.

This is exactly why we are protesting this racism. Too long have these things been allowed to slip by, and people assume that it's okay because it's a "joke". Well, you know what, you can mock us all you want, say we're over sensitive, but the point of it is that we aren't going to take this crap anymore.

563 days ago


Damage done? What damage is he speaking of?

Did some people decide not to move to Arizona for fear of drunken Indians (cause, you know, Whites, Blacks, Latinos and Asians in that State don't ever get drunk)? Did some clueless twit watching the show decide not to hire a Native American from a joke off a comedy show?

Ok, ask for the apology. Fine! But to insinuate that cheesy joke already caused "damage" to Native American and/or Arizona is a BIG ass stretch!

563 days ago

Mary Adele Kenney    

I am appalled that such a racist remark would be made on a major television network - CBS. An apology is due to not only the Navajo Nation, but for all indigenous people in the United States. It seems as though we are the only racial group left in the USA that can be maligned and not have a major uproar in the press.

563 days ago


I got so Angry after seeing this when I left the Casino I went to the store to get me more BUT light... (Navajo here) and that WAS FUNNY!

563 days ago

Deloras Lane Mock    

It i not only the Navajo (Dine') who are upset over this racist remark! All indigenous people, regardless of tribal affiliation or not, are outraged that this type of salacious, demeaning sterotypes are allowed to perpetuate in this century! We will be Idle No More! We will speak out! We demand a public apology and a cease and desist of this type of behavior.

563 days ago
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