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Ungrateful Lindsay Lohan

Please Shut Up

Charlie Sheen!

3/4/2013 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0303-lindsay-lohan-charlie-sheen-tmzLindsay Lohan is rejecting Charlie Sheen's offer to mentor her, grousing that she wishes he'd just shut up.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ ... while she appreciates everything Sheen has done for her -- and he's done a lot -- she would NEVER take him as a mentor. She's saying she knows her life is "out of control," but doesn't think the precept, "It takes one to know one," is the way to go.

As we first reported ... Sheen told TMZ he thinks Lindsay needs a mentor and he believes he's the man for the job.

She says she's grateful Charlie gave her $100k for her back taxes and supported her in "Scary Movie 5." Lindsay says she talks to Charlie from time to time ... but gripes he has no business talking about her to the media.

According to our sources, Lindsay has been regularly meeting with a therapist and feels the consistency has helped.

Do therapists recommend dumping a patient's lawyer? That would be a good start, right?


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LA Native    

Good morning all.
I just have to say I have been past the accident scene twice in the past couple of days, and there are traffic cams all over the place. So there is that "witness" too.
just sayin'

505 days ago


Actually Flea.....if Bear don't have his wife beater shirt on I've got the generals on......Love them they are great to sleep in.....even if at my age the girls are headed south of the border instead of head up and at and a pair of flannel pj bottoms and a woman is is comfort zone......LOL
Yes most everybody on here are very good writers and have a nice comand of English and Spelling ....except me I speak Appalachion English myself and can't spell worth a howt but don't give damn about it anyore ....Figure if you can make out what I'm saying its close enough.....
When you get these hateurds that use that to shame you its cause you have said somthing that hit the truth a little to close for comfort....and it makes me laugh....
Its like a 5 yr old shouting back at you cause you caught hm lying and he says ."Well, you have a ugly dog." .LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

505 days ago


My God ! look at TMZ's front page.......!!! got it get more infantile !!! and whats with these unknown black rappers and their "making it rain in striper bars....." Did you get a good look at that supposed money they are throwing all round the floor for those woman to try to pick up with their ass cheeks......I never new the mint was printing some many brand spanking new one dollar bills....all bright and smooth and crisp without a winkle in them.....I really would hesitate to try to spend one of them anywere ....Just might get arrested for passing counterfiet money....... and the last I heard of Jim Jones he was passing Kool Aid around in the jungles of South America...if I was that Rapper I would think about changing my name but then those kind of people don't have the brains or consince to connect that name to anything intelligent like history do they..... '
As for the rest of the page....Looks like the black boy with the ballcap and the wrestler dude was in charge of last nights stories.... so stupid and they have to nerve to call anyone out for being rascist ....LOL

505 days ago


I was thinking maybe reality is setting in for blowfish now, Naaaaaa.....

505 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

We all know Gavin and Lying Lindsay hung out and party in the Liz trailer till the wee morning hours. (Gavin tweeted pics of it)

Gavin is going to take the stand and tell how when the driver (he's not a body gaurd) came to pick them up, they were just getting in and Lying Lindsay freaked and paniced and was speeding on the highway to get away frrom Lifetimes driver.

The driver doesn't want to take the stand because James told the Police how the driver offered him money to go away.

This will come out in the trail and the driver will have to admitt he wanted to pay James off.

Can't wait for this trail to begin

505 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Hope those cameras show Lying Lindsay throwing her water bottle to the side of the road

505 days ago


Dr Samuel Weiscrak

1 2 Clear Vote

"so forgive me if I don't immediately comprehend what you try and convey in your comments."

Blah, blah, blah, so much for your "strong command of the English language"... LMMFAO

41 minutes ago


So your retort is BLAH, BLAH, BLAH?

Why do you keep insisting on proving your illiteracy? Have you no pride?

505 days ago


Good morning one and all.

505 days ago


Since Lindsay insists she's innocent, she will continue to fight hard to prove her innocence until March 17th, when, at that time, the oh so innocent Lindsay, will accept a plea deal, because that's what innocent people do.

It will be spun to the tune of, "She didn't think she'd be able to get a fair trial since the media has already tried and convicted her."

As always, WAY TO GO LINDSAY!!!!

505 days ago


Look we all know she is going to work it as long as she possibley can....Like a snake caught in a glass jar she will squim all over the place looking for a way out....hissing and striking out at everybody.....and Dina is wearing her fingers to the bone dialing up every number in her black book of black mail trying to find a way to pressure a victem into bailing her ass out..... Screaming "if she goes to jail...I well talk" using the Lohan Motto . I KNOW THINGS !!!!!
So don't count your chickens before they hatch.....
And like I said what is she REALLY getting away with.....A Hell of a lot closer to her death then if she actually went to jail and cleaned up.
Thats right Lindsay......The Devil is at the front door and the back door is blocked...... and he's one debt collector that doesn't brother to sue...He just collects the debt in colateral ...your soul !!!

505 days ago


What I'm waiting to hear is Lindsays explaination for why, if she was not driving, did she climb out of the passenger side after Gavin. Wouldn't she have been out first if she was the passenger? ALSO, why would she even climb out of the car on the damaged side when the driver side was untouched. If only to put blame on Gavin. NO wiggle room on that one Linds.

505 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

How come i'm just learning that they day that Lielow couldn't wake up in June and they called am ambulance was the same day they found her drug dealer dead and decomposing in his Escapade and hi brother disappeared too.she was the last picture on the instagram of the dead one.

505 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Uh Oh!

Four More People Set To Testify Against Lindsay Lohan
The clock is ticking for Lindsay Lohan's lawyer to make some kind of deal. If I am the prosecutor in this case, I say forget deals that involve no jail time or no rehab time because they know they are going to win. I would say it is Lindsay's lawyer that is out there spreading the stories of 30 days in rehab and no jail time, but I don't think he is smart enough. Prosecutors have subpoenaed Lindsay's bodyguard who was driving right behind Lindsay when the accident happened. They have also served subpoenas on hotel staff who saw Lindsay get in the drivers seat of her car. Lindsay has no chance. Her lawyer has no cards to play. He should be taking anything he can get but is probably telling everything will go great just like the last time he was in court and got hammered by the judge and called incompetent.

505 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

@AWARDS: Why doesn't anybody talk about it? This is part of her police file I would think. I guess they could have a whole book of undercover stuff on her.

505 days ago


Since I started posting on TMZ I've only made two Celebrities the focus of my opions and postings. One was FOR the celebrity and one AGAINST. I fought hard for the celebrity actor I thought was being unjustly railroaded by the judicial system, the cops, the ex, everybody, when he didn't really do anything wrong. On the other hand is a once-upon-a-time celebrity actress that can do no right. I started out feeling sorry for her when Hilton and Davis made fun of her calling her a firecrotch and laughing. I later came to find out they were right. She plowed through guys blazing a trail. And it all went down hill from there. I could no longer feel sorry for someone who would not help themselves to better themselves. I could not defend an ungrateful, selfish, lying, stealing, drug using, alcoholic, nypho, user. I would have if she had given me something to work with, but she didn't. Sad!

505 days ago
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