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At Strip Club

3/4/2013 8:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0304_drake_making_it_rain_launchThese pics are INSANE ... Drake rolled into a strip club in Charlotte, opened a CARDBOARD BOX filled with bricks of cash, and TMZ has pics of the $50,000 rainstorm he unleashed on the dancers.

It all went down at Cameo Nightclub, and by the time Drake was done there was so much cash ... it literally carpeted the floor.

We're told another rapper named Bleu Davinci chipped in an additional $25,000.

There's been a lot of talk about whether Drake has real street cred ... or if he's just a poser with a privileged upbringing.

So now that you've seen these pics, we gotta ask ...


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And he will be another broke-ass rapper someday. MORONS!

601 days ago


So many kids with the need of money your a pice of ****

601 days ago


This is what's wrong with the world.

601 days ago

I'll Never Tell    

As it has been said many times, you can't fix stupid.

601 days ago


As Mark Cuban said once: real rich people don't make it rain.

601 days ago

Joseph Bouchard    

What an idiot ahole show-off. Karma will get him back

601 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Pathetic : but if you need the attention so badly, use something other than 1 dollar bills. Use at least 2 dollar bills, for street cred.

601 days ago


You're gonna regret this one day.

601 days ago

(◉_◉) Brush Your Teeth (◉_◉)    

Was it a Gay club?

601 days ago


These rappers aren't hard to please judging by the fat asses and cellulite laden thighs we get glimpses of in the pictures. This is about as ghetto as it gets.

601 days ago


He did not "start from the bottom" as he states in his new single.

He went to a very exclusive private highschool with one my little sister best friends. Her dad imports most of the cheese and meets into Canada from around the world- they are LOADED. Drake was doing Degrassi, but would roll around rapping in the hallways all the time- he's always wanted to make music...

That said, Drake is an awesome artist- he has good taste and makes good. So what if his parents had cash? Now the strippers are basking in it. Good for him- pretty sure any red-blooded hetero sexual male would do the same thing if he had a chance.

Stop hating!

601 days ago


only rappers waste their money on nonsense
then you will read about them in the news not paying their taxes.

601 days ago


Why? That's all I can ask. Cheers for paying the ladies, but 'Makin' it rain up in hea' is so 1997. And not in a cool throwback kind of way either.

601 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

*Shakes Head*...unreal. What's he trying to prove?

601 days ago

Chi-city momma    

This guy is a GIANT DOUCHE and I can see why he & Chris Brown both got at Rihanna. Trash sticks together.
You wanna be special Drake? Instead of making it "rain" in the club for some nasty hoes, why don't you take some of that money and invest it into communities that need it. Oh that's right, cause that won't give you "street cred"....DOUCHE!

601 days ago
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