'Jerseylicious' Star Strips For Playgirl ... Wanna See My Sausage?

3/4/2013 3:00 AM PST

In between making pizza and tanning, "Jerseylicious" star Filippo Giove found time to show off what his mama gave him -- BY DROPPING TROU for Playgirl and TMZ has the pics.

Filippo -- a star on the Style Network show since 2010 -- stripped down to his bday suit and posed in a variety of sexy (ish) positions for the upcoming Spring issue.

Specifically, Filippo shows off his derriere on some red satin sheets ... poses with a few strategically-placed bubbles and gets naked in a pizza shop while slathered in marinara sauce -- with only a LARGE pizza box covering his junk.

Maybe it's large ... we're not actually sure. You decide.