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Honey Boo Boo

Girl Scouts Cookie Sale

Must Go On!

3/4/2013 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0304_honey_booboo_PCNHoney Boo Boo and Mama June kept their word -- after getting shut down online -- and took to the Milledgeville Mall in Georgia yesterday to help a local Girl Scouts troop sell some delicious, delicious cookies.

As TMZ first reported, the Girl Scouts of the USA had a big problem with HBB using her Facebook page to peddle the delicious, delicious cookies -- because it was cheating.

But the Boo Boo clan promised to keep on helping and they did just that, with the whole family in tow -- Sugar Bear, Chubbs, Pumpkin, Chickadee and baby Kaitlyn. 

Alana even made a deal with customers ... agreeing to pose for a pic if they bought five boxes of those delicious, delicious cookies.

Everybody wins.


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Shame on you TMZ, did you screen these comments, people are saying horrible things about this little girl, she should be off limits for any commenting until she is 18 years old, one thing to post the story but turn off the comment section, hopefully she never reads any of this stuff.

568 days ago


So cookiegate has a happy ending! That's nice ... It's actually nice to see a family doing so much together - especially when it involves helping others.

568 days ago


Shes adorable

568 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

I am not a honey boo boo hater, but I don't think her selling cookies like this is fair because she is not a girl scout.

Yes she wants to help her friend but her friend is the girl scout and her friend is the one who should be selling the cookies, not piggy backing on her friends 'celebrity" status to do so. Sorry, i think it is wrong and stands against what the cookie sales are about.

568 days ago

Cool Breeze    

What a homely looking kid. And where is her multi chin mama ? Hiding behind the sign stuffing her fat face ?

568 days ago


Disgusting family. Oh wait, they do so much good? Still disgusting.

567 days ago


Darwin's Theory of Evolution sure is tested with this family. Maybe, we're all evolving into single celled amoebas that react to basic stimuli with absolutely no comprehension of what's happening in the environment around them.

567 days ago


This fat kid is making paper but that show is sketchy.

567 days ago


To Bella LaLisa & Sonja: Girl Scouts are NOT a charity fcs! They are a private organization that sells cookies to earn money to pay for their own stuff. They aren't helping dying kids or homeless people. To all the dumbclucks that think this is so sweet of them...this is NOT a charitable endeavor. They are helping one girl scout beat the others. Wash & Repeat: The Girl Scouts are NOT a charity group! All the HBBs are doing is making a ridiculous scene to help one girl cheat the system and then acting like they are f*cking heroes about it. There are no "good works" being done here, NO NEEDY children or vets being helped. Just more bullsh*t by reality tv s***. These skanks are no better than the kartrashians with their hateful pr pranks.

567 days ago

Professor Sherlock     

Please no.

567 days ago


Hey I'm getting screwed! It costs $4 a box around there and yet she's holding a sign for $3.50 a box!!! What's up with that?

567 days ago


I live in Calabasas and have the great misfortune to be around the kartrashians a lot. They are total *******s, think they're better than everyone else, want to cut in front of you in line, get a discount, or get comped for whatever they want. I work for a major movie studio and see real stars, people with actual talent, do charitable giving all the time, helping real people in need, and not acting like total entitled *******s everywhere they go. My wife & I have lived and worked around real stars all our lives and have never seen anything like these horrendous reality tv people. They act more entitled than anyone I have ever seen, and no one deserves to be put in their place more than reality "stars". Which is why I am so disgusted about the idiots on this thread oohing and ahhing over this. The GS told these jerks to butt out. Other GS in the area were really upset about this. These Horrible Hillbillies in effect gave their fat ugly fingers to the GS and the other little girls and are opening cheating for their friend. And you all think this is some kind of f*cking charity work? FFS! Turn on your brains. This is more reality star *******s demanding their way, no matter how wrong or unfair, to the cost and chagrin of others.

567 days ago

Made it Past 27    

Ive been to that "mall", What a joke. Its not a mall !!! It has a tiny JCPenny, a chinese restraunt, and about 2 other tiny stores. It is so small, it took me about 2 minutes to walk through the entire "mall"!!! VERY DISSAPOINTED

567 days ago


That child is disgusting. She looks like she smells like dirty kid sweat and stale cookies. She needs a good scrubbing with soap and hot water. She also needs to be introduced to fruits and vegetables.

567 days ago



567 days ago
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