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Honey Boo Boo

Girl Scouts Cookie Sale

Must Go On!

3/4/2013 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0304_honey_booboo_PCNHoney Boo Boo and Mama June kept their word -- after getting shut down online -- and took to the Milledgeville Mall in Georgia yesterday to help a local Girl Scouts troop sell some delicious, delicious cookies.

As TMZ first reported, the Girl Scouts of the USA had a big problem with HBB using her Facebook page to peddle the delicious, delicious cookies -- because it was cheating.

But the Boo Boo clan promised to keep on helping and they did just that, with the whole family in tow -- Sugar Bear, Chubbs, Pumpkin, Chickadee and baby Kaitlyn. 

Alana even made a deal with customers ... agreeing to pose for a pic if they bought five boxes of those delicious, delicious cookies.

Everybody wins.


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the cookies or four dollar here

561 days ago


She's just a child (hillbilly or not) ..some of u grown ups outta be ashamed of yourselves...

561 days ago

Sidney Pubic    

Why isn't that fat little inbred bitch in school instead of flashing her preteen raisins to sell nasty pubic hair ridden cookies.

561 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

I had to dodge my shopping cart from hitting Mama June's Rascal Scooter at Walmart today!

"The Thumb" just wouldn't move, so I tipped her!

561 days ago


While I have no issue with Girl Scouts, those cookies are nasty and horrible for your health. Full of GMO flour, hydrogenated oils and tons of GMO sugar. Barf.

561 days ago


@ sidney:
Doncha know...
She's a beauty pageant contestant, so of course she doesn't need school or an education. Much better to spend her young years being a brat and stuffing her face. Education and exercise are so useless.

561 days ago


She looks RETARTED... DE DEE DEEE!!!!

561 days ago


Our Girl Scout troop has always given a portion of our cookie and nut sale money back to the community. We have given to the Red Cross, we have given money to a school in India to support a student's education. Our girls decided What they would like to spend our troop money on. We have used the rewards towards camping trips and classes. In January, we used out nit proceeds to attend a baby sitting and first aid class. Our girls work very hard to sell these cookies. It teaches them self confidence, money handling and budget skills. Our Cadettes (678 graders) run their own meetings and are working on a project to paint a mural at their school. They are starting their silver award which is a major service project. We just finished a drive for warm coats for our community. The money helps troops who are struggling. Meeting supplies cost money. Plus you actually have to be registered to sell the cookies. And we are given the Booths By lottery and we are not allowed to use Facebook unless a girl is over 13. The kids are supposed to sell the cookies. Not the parents. This sticks and I wish her and her families 15 long, way, too long minutes of fame would just end. It's disgusting. I hate when people think that they can bend the rules for everything.

561 days ago


That's nut and candy sale

561 days ago

Michelle K    

This show sucks! A Welfare looking fat assed mother on food stamps! She looks like she smells and what the hell did she mean about the turkey? I never ever watch this **** but the commercials come on. I think these shows are child sickos! This Boo show the sister wives and the toddler tiare are wrong to views. They should watch out these producers! This channel too should be investigated! What kind of mother lets this go on? America doesn't need sickos on tv! We all know they don't deserve American dollars! It is a waste! They are disturbed shows!

561 days ago


Alana's a sweetheart and it's an honorable thing that she's helping out her local Girl Scout troop.This family is the real deal. Honest, loving and has their priorities straight.

561 days ago


I'm getting robbed in the 92679. There $4.00 from regular kids

561 days ago


At a boy Harvey keep the show alive you have a piece their pieToo! How can I get free advertising on your show?

561 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

All you people saying this family is loving and has their priorities straight are wrong. The whoring out of this child is pathetic. After seeing her totally unacceptable behavior when she was on her interview circuit with her Munchausen by proxy fame whoring mother it seems she would be far better served if she were actually enrolled in and participating in Girl Scouts where at least she might have an opportunity to have some sense of herself and develop self esteem and manners on her own. That family is doing this child no favors.

560 days ago


Hold the phone, I just paid 4 bucks a box in N. California and she is selling hers for 3.50! I got ripped off! Doink!

560 days ago
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