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Carly Rae Jepsen

Cancels Boy Scouts Concert

They're Too Homophobic for Me

3/5/2013 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0305_carly_rae_jepsen_boy_scouts_article_gettyCarly Rae Jepsen has officially pulled out of a HUGE concert for the Boy Scouts of America ...  claiming she wants no part of an organization that doesn't support gay rights.

The "Call Me Maybe" singer had been booked to perform at the National Scout Jamboree in Mount Hope, West Virginia in July, along with the band Train.

But moments ago, Jepsen tweeted that she's yanked herself from the festival ... squarely because of the group's ban on openly gay scouts and scout leaders. 

"As an artist who believes in equality for all people, I will not be participating in the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree this summer," Jepsen said.

She continued, "I always have and will continue to support the LGBT community on a global level ... and stay informed on the ever changing landscape in the ongoing battle for gay rights in this country and across the globe."

FYI -- Train has also backed out of the show ... but says they will be happy to re-join the show IF the Boy Scouts reverse their anti-gay policy.

They're still waiting ...



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The Dude    

Hypocrite, so glad people feel free to pick and choose which of the amendments they feel are worth protecting. She's a one hit wonder anyway.

560 days ago


What all these gay advocates don`t seem to realize is there are many many more gay pedophiles than straight pedophiles! Pederasty is a lot more more common than people want to admit. I know this to be true!! I was abused more times and by more men than I can remember!

560 days ago


Sign of the times - gays, lesbians & transgendered folks over boyscouts

560 days ago


The Boy Scouts of America have never allowed gay scouts or leaders. If the gays want to be scouts go start your own Gay Scouts of America. Why should an organization that is founded on being morally clean have to change? The National Jamboree is better off without this young lady!

560 days ago


It only takes one tale of bad publicity to ruin a female artist's career. People want to demean and spit on carly for not associating herself with an organization that perpetuates child molestation and protects pedophiles (the BSA has a very bad habit of not alerting police to incidents involving a scout leader's willy and a scout's bum bum). They accuse her of hurting the kids by pulling out of the concert.
Maybe, just maybe, her canceling the concert will turn the heat on the BSA. Make more people demand the BSA stop protecting child abusers?
It sucks that the children will not get to pay for a concert from Carly Rae Jepsen. It sucks that the child abusers will not get to see a Carly Rae Jepsen concert for free. The BSA can fix this easily. Remove the ban on homosexual scouts and crack down on the rampant child molestation. I do not mean encourage homosexuality. Rather, do not encourage the beating to death of perceived homosexuals. Do not say it is evil or wrong. Just ignore the fact that some scouts might be homosexual. Just turn a blind eye, just like they already do with the child molestation.

560 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Shaking my head at the rallying cry "why is she punishing the kids"!?!?

Umm yeah, remind me why the Boy Scouts are punishing gay kids by ostracizing them and refusing them membership in the Boy Scouts???

The issue has nothing to do with "the children" and everything to do with the moral stand grown men and women have taken. 'The children' are equal opportunity victims in their fight.

560 days ago


Good for her! She's setting an excellent example.

560 days ago


Oh, shut up and sing!

560 days ago


It this kind of thinking that led to the Indiana girl being victimized and murdered by a sexual deviant.. Scouts are better off with out your influence.

560 days ago

Lawrence Evans    

I hope this is about $$ for her,rather than what she truly believes. While the dollar angle is bad enough, it would be worse if she believes we parents of Boy Scouts are being unreasonable not wanting a another boy or Scout Leader in a cabin, shower whatever who openly admits an attraction to male bodies.... so sad.

Obama did the same thing to get votes in this last election.. His stand on Gay Marriage was the same as Romney's until 6 months before election. The lack of integrity will come back to bite both Jepsen and Obama .

560 days ago


It this kind of thinking that led to the Indiana girl being victimized and murdered by a sexual deviant.. Scouts are better off with out your influence.

560 days ago


Carly Rae Jepsen is acting like a big baby. A one hit wonder who's career is fading fast. Now she is like a bully if you don't do whatbi say i am backing out. Force people to agree on a lifestyle that some don't approve of. The only reason this is happening is because of the vote.

560 days ago


Who the **** is this dumb little whore? She must be a lesbo!

560 days ago


I say good for the Boy Scouts. I hope they stand strong on their values

560 days ago


Good for her..

560 days ago
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