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Keshia Knight Pulliam

TSA Doesn't Need New Outfits ...

They're Plenty Cute

3/5/2013 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keshia Knight Pulliam thinks it's wasteful for the Federal government to drop $50 mil on TSA uniforms in the wake of massive spending cuts.

As the "Cosby" star was leaving LAX this AM, she eyed a few TSA agents and concluded they were cute enough as is. 

The lines at airports have already gotten longer in the last few days after the sequester deadline passed ... and given all the cuts Keshia thinks the government should find better ways to spend money.

BTW ... there are 50,000 security officers, inspectors, air marshals and managers.  That comes to $1,000 per TSA agent. 

Who's the designer ... Hugo Boss?


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594 days ago

Los Pepes    

Isnt that Lil Wayne?

594 days ago


Your tax dollars hard at work.
I swear the government is bored and just looking for new ways to screw the taxpayers over. I'll bet that "NEW OUTFIT" wouldn't go over if they told all TSA workers that they had to pay for their own uniforms.

594 days ago


She is absolutely right.

594 days ago


Keshia is 35 years old. Does anyone else feel reeeaaal old right now?

594 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

They need to pay for their own uniforms, like regular people do.

594 days ago


If there's to be any spending cuts the TSA should be at the top of the list of government waste to cut. It's a multi-billion dollar a year waste and violation of people's constitutional rights and it's only getting worse.

594 days ago

buzz kill    

$1,000 per person, damn. I guess money is no problem when the taxpayers get the bill. Thats more than I spent on clothing in the last.......never mind.

594 days ago


She had no idea what a TSA agent was (until the other reporter said something to her), right?

594 days ago


Well, let's see the uniform TMZ! Us foreigners don't know what they look like. I can tell you one thing though ... unless it includes bullet proof vests, they are being over charged. Any agency that has a gov contract hikes up their prices.

594 days ago


WTH is designing the uniforms? Chanel? Outrageous!

594 days ago

Phil Mcl    

The cuts r a joke. The government aways picks important things to cut first so the people complain about the cuts. They never go after the waste,they don't want us to see that. The other think is the last time they laid people off they ALL got retroactive pay. They got PAID for there time off and the head of their unions already came out and said that would happen again!! If any company in this country ever ran their businesses the way our government runs their business they would all go over and be out of business in two seconds. But all our government has to do is run more debt and raise taxes and keep running debt!!!! It is the worst organization in the history of the world!!!!!!!!

594 days ago


Obama needs the corrupt , morally bankrupt republicants to think of their constituencies Republicans are the C BLOCKERS OBAMA is not a dictator Without the oh so wrong right blocking ish Who would vote against a minimum wage increase or violence against. Women act =REPUBLICANNTS!!!!!

594 days ago


When will people understand. THERE ARE NO CUTS ! ! ! It is a reduction in the increase. Every department will get more than they are getting now, just not as much more as they wanted. Please stop perpetuating this lie that there are cuts.

594 days ago


I can get them just as many uniforms for the low low price of $60.../uniform and be the same quality of fabric. It's called Wal-Mart. See, I just saved them $940/uniform.

594 days ago
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