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Mel B


On 'America's Got Talent'

3/5/2013 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Rough start for Mel B, one of 2 new judges on "America's Got Talent" -- she was loudly booed during the first day of taping for daring to diss brass music.

Mel was in New Orleans Monday, along with Howie Mandel, Howard Stern and Heidi Klum.  The first act of the day was Lagniappe, a very popular New Orleans brass band. 

Mel told the band ... she's not a fan of brass music.  Bad move in The Big Easy.  The audience went nuts on her, screaming "Go home," and "No respect."

Mel became unglued, and leaned over to Howie, who comforted her.

Heidi did fine. We're guessing being really, really hot helped.


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She needs to realise this is NOT Britians Got Talent which she stepped in for a few days to judge....this is America's Got Talent.....she needs to remember we Americans dont come from the same culture she is used to over there......on BGT she was very mean, nasty and cruel to many acts, I cringed watching...lets hope she learns to control her nasty attitude as the all mighty ratings will drop

566 days ago


LOL. Did she think her musical opinion would be revered? She was a Spice Girl for crying out loud. Good call New Orleans!

566 days ago

Clay the don sippin Dom P daily like John.    

Mel B looked wack in the 90s but she is probably one of the hottest women in the world, hands down, killin heidi klum's ass by 600%. i'd have a heart attack in the bed with Mel B.

566 days ago


"Mel told the band ... she's not a fan of brass music."
Wow. What a f'n idiot. Being a judge for a competition like this is NOT about what you like personally. Judges must be objective, regardless of their personal opinions of the music style at hand.
She deserved every boo - and proved by her statement she has NO place judging.
Does she really think everyone loved the pop/bubblegum/bulls**t music the Spice Wh0res put out?

566 days ago


That would have pissed me off, too. Dissing brass bands ... in New Orleans ... by the only judge who was actually in a band? That just proves the show desperately needs someone who has a strong, legit musical background.

The brass and percussion section is what makes music really come alive. I learned to appreciate it in Jamaica, but I also have friends from Toronto who are professional musicians (trumpet, trombone, sax and keyboards).

566 days ago


TmZ why do you keep saying Heidi Klum is hot? She is a pig!

566 days ago



566 days ago


How disconnected do you have to be to make this statement in NO? She's a f-----g retard! I hate these shows as well as reality. Can't wait for this era of TV to be over. Simon Cowell and the other wretched Brit have ruined TV and created a bunch of Z listers. Geaux New Orleans!

566 days ago


Mel B's husband Belafonte(fake name) was a male a male prostitute years ago who used to bang old ladies just for rent money, no bull****. Mel couldn't wait to get pregnant with Eddie's kid just for the cash. They both deserve each other. Mel married him for green card in Vegas and he married her for the lifestyle and now he doesn't have to bang or lick old 70 year old *****. Now he is mister mom. Taking care of all her illegitimate kids. Simon Cowell is an idiot! Mel must know about the underage boys Cowell used to have sex with in Thailand years ago. All of this is real, true ****. Piers Morgan knew all this when he was editor for that UK rag. He got his job with AGT same way. Simon Cowell keeps peoples silence about being gay by paying them off with cash or a big job. Come out Simon. Don't be afraid !!!

566 days ago


Simon Cowell tried to give head to one of the sons of EP of American Idol in the bathroom. No bull. You can't believe it but it's all TRUE.

566 days ago


How can Mel B be a legitimate judge when she obviously doesn't know a damn thing about music and to make matters worse, she doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut.

566 days ago


Dissing brass music in New Orleans. Really? Another rich fool. Bravo to N.O. for putting loud, obnoxious Mel B in her place!

566 days ago


Even if she didnt know the history behind brass music in NO, had she been more professional and leaned her comments away from personal preferences, she could've saved herself the embarrassment.

566 days ago


Nigel Lythgoe stole So You Think You can Dance from a real Dance guru called the Dance Doctor. He was in court for years. He got off real cheap. He only had to pay 3.5 million to Dance Doctor. Nobody knows the real stuff going on behind AI and the people behind the show. Check everything out in court records.

566 days ago


That was a bold move to diss brass music in New Orleans but hey, it was Mel's opinion and although some people may not like what she had to say, she is entitled to her opinion.
The whole audience and anyone else "boooing" her need to back off. Her opinion is just as valueble as the next guys, wheather you like it or not.
And Heidi Klum isnt that hot, she just didnt have the balls to stand up and give her true opinion. She is more of a "go with the flow" kind of girl while Mel is a "go with whatever makes me happy" kind of girl. Not saying anything bad about Heidi but Rock On Mel!

566 days ago
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