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Michael Vick

My New Pup Ain't No Bitch

... It's a MILITARY DOG!!

3/5/2013 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Vick made a bizarre choice when he picked out his new puppy ... 'cause the convicted dog fighter's new poochie is one of the TOUGHEST breeds around ... one that's used by the Navy SEALS.

Vick was spotted out at a dog training class at a PetSmart in New Jersey recently ... where he's been working with his new pet ... a Belgian Malinois.

FYI -- the Belgian Malinois have a great reputation as a military working dog ... and according to reports, the Navy SEALS who killed Bin Laden had a BM with them at the time of the raid.

According to CrossingBroad.com, the dog is a female named "Angel."


It's been 4 years since Vick was released from prison for running a brutal dog fighting ring in Atlanta ... in which several animals were killed.

So, we gotta ask ...

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paul a.    

Read the police report people.

He hung up dogs by their back legs and wired up their balls to electrocute them.

and more......

This guy should never have been allowed to own a dog again

561 days ago


Oh my science!!! Who the fu©k would allow that. I would not let fool adopt or buy any pets.

561 days ago


Almost all (like 50 of 55) of the dogs that were recovered from his fighting operation were rehabilitated and are in loving homes or rescue organizations. They are the victims, not this miscreant. He didn't get this kind of dog to be a pet for his kids. This dog is smarter than he is (which doesn't take much).

561 days ago


Really hope that he has completely changed.

561 days ago


Not good.

561 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Great, now he has a dog that specializes in attacking people. I respect what Military dogs do to help save human lives. But with some of their specialized traning in attacking people, they can be lethal in the wrong hands. I'd say Michael Vick is the very definition of the "wrong hands" in this position
When will people realize this man should not own a dog? When a child gets killed?!? Because putting this (or any) dog in Vick's hands is like putting a gun in a convicted murderer's hands..
If he absolutely must be given the right to own a dog, why not order him to own a small breed of dog? One that is highly unlikely to do lethal damage to a human being. I don't think he should own any animal (he also forced the dogs to kill cats as well) but they could at least compromise by having him own a small dog.
[ Personal note: As the survivor of a vicious, unprovoked attack by a police dog, I blame the owners of dogs for most bad behavior. I still fear all large dogs, but I hold my anger at the man who left his dog unattended and unleashed in his front yard, and all owners who illegally let their dogs run free in their unfenced yards.
BTW - That owner of the German Shepard who attacked me: He now has an even larger dog that he also lets run freely through the yard and into the street on a regular basis. Just like before, he's either completely absent, or his back is turned to the action, too busy tinkering in his garage with whatever he cares about more than his dog or other people's safety.]

561 days ago


Oh hells no! This mother****er does not need or deserve to have another dog. Dogs are angels that just want to make us happy. I totally believe in rehabilitation, forgiveness, second chances BUT, this excludes people who commit animal cruelty, (as Vick did), child molesters and rapists. These people should burn in hell let alone have my tax money keeping them fed and "safe". Lets do animal experiments on these low lives so that the innocent animals don't need to be tortured anymore. I hope that dog will be safe and taken cared of but I highly doubt it.

561 days ago


This is ridiculous! He should NEVER be allowed to own a dog...or hell, ANY pet for that matter, ever again!

561 days ago


Yea, I am positive he is buying a dog because he wants to slaughter it. Grow up people... I have a dog, and am a dog love, but don't think that this guy should never be able to fully correct his wrongs. He served time in prison, lost a bunch of contract money, and is now owning a dog publicly. what the hell else is he supposed to do ? I am sure all of you have lived a smudge free life, so I am probably speaking to a higher quality of life than myself. And I am sure that if any of you do have a smudge, you will expect to be abused about it for the rest of your entire life.

561 days ago


Why in the hell do [they] even allow this f*cking dog killer to own a dog in the first place? I thought that he was supposedly prohibited from ever owning dogs as a result of his prior felony conviction for torturing animals - shame on you Roger Goodell for ever reinstating this negro in the NFL!!!

561 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

Yea because he's going go dog fighting again like a retard shut up and get over it now if he does dog fight lock his ass up for life no if ands or buts

561 days ago


I hated this guy back nit he day when news broke of what he did.....he was found guilty and served his time.....I think he is entitled to get on with his life now- he is teaching his kids about responsible pet ownership, he is learning to love his pets.....good for him....

561 days ago


I don't see how someone who could engage and revel in such brutality: Hear the vicious noise associated with dog fights, see the injuries, the blood, hear the whining of dogs in pain; could become a loving, caring dog owner in the short space of four years. Maybe he should have started again with a cat - or maybe a boa or an iguana.

561 days ago


he is given another chance -WHY ANOTHER STRONG MACHO FIGHTING BREED----if he wanted a dog for his children a gentle breed lab etc.

561 days ago


get over it

561 days ago
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