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Rappers' Delight ...

Strip Club Tax Write-Offs!

3/5/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Great news for rappers like Drake, Game, Diddy ... all of 'em! Turns out all that money they throw around strip clubs could be a tax deduction. Dogg Pound MC, Dazz Dillinger joins us to talk tax write-offs, bitches!

Plus, Carly Rae Jepsen pulled out of a concert for the Boy Scouts because of their homophobic policies -- and we're talking to the ex-Eagle Scout who convinced CRP to change her mind.

And ... Terrence Howard put 'em in the spotlight -- now everyone's talking about Oprah Winfrey's breasts! What took us so long?

(0:00) Can rappers count making it rain in a strip club as a deductible on their taxes? Sounds crazy, but it's not an impossibility. We talk to rapper Daz Dillinger about the art of throwing money around.
(7:00) Justin Bieber's fans revolt! Bieber's tardiness to a concert is his latest in a long line of mess-ups.
(10:00) Michael Vick got a dog. Yeah, THAT Michael Vick.
(15:00) TSA is spending $50 million ... not to beef up security ... but on new uniforms!
(18:30) Carly Rae Jepsen cancels a concert for Boy Scouts over their anti-gay policy -- we talk to former Boy Scout camp leader and gay activist Derek Nance about the petition he started that cause Carly to back out.
(23:30) Breaking news! Justin Bieber showed up EARLY to his concert today!
(25:00) Taylor Swift swears she's only dated two guys since 2010 ... but no ones believing a word she's saying.
(28:00) Viva la Revolución! Harvey hammers home his new political stance -- screw everyone in office.
(31:00) Terrence Howard makes a crazy statement about Oprah Winfrey's breasts -- which Max has been saying for years.
(33:00) Lamar Odom and Kris Humphries dined at the same restaurant ... you think they shared a dessert?
(37:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Kylie Jenner dating ?

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604 days ago


If anybody thought we didn't need tax reform...

604 days ago


Okay, here's my question for the rappers. How do you prove how much money you threw at the ladies in the club? Do they need to step in with the cash, have a certified accountant standing there, count how much they've brought it then stand there a be a witness to make sure they toss ALL the money? I just don't get how they can prove all that.

604 days ago


I love the haters over on Carly Rae's thread. She's a loser and all kinds of names for daring to stand up for what she believes in and boycott the Scouts because of their policy but it's okay for the Scouts to stand up for what they believe in and not allow gay rights. This is what's wrong with today in the land of Hypocrites. Everyone has a right to their opinion, folks, whether you agree or not.

604 days ago


I'm going to repeat here, what I said on the Keisha thread. TSA wants to spend money the government doesn't have to buy new uniforms. Those same people bucking for that would change their minds if they were required to pay for that UNIFORM themselves. Man, the governments today is getting scary.

604 days ago


I'm trying to get the visual of Opie's boobs out of my head. Thanks TMZ, I really didn't need that.

604 days ago


Hi Chunk, Maj, BlackListed, Dave!

604 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

One of Mikes shirt shrunk in the wash and he gave it to Harvey?

604 days ago


WHAT? Did Harvey just say he may 'hurl' on stage? LMAO!

604 days ago


Aim it at Charles

604 days ago


Harvey, nothing is Interesting so far about today's show except the posters here. Too bad you don't give us a shout out once in a while for being loyal to you.

604 days ago


Um, what's next, a tax write off for hiring a gaggle of strippers for your best friend's bachelor party? How about writing off all the money you spend at the casino because that's a business expense to promote yourself and pay the staff that work there. Meh!!!

604 days ago


How many of these "lil" rappers are there? I haven't heard of 99% of these rappers. Wouldn't it be better for their "image" to give that $$$ to inner city kids for education or something?

604 days ago


The Biebs was all over the Canadian news at 6:30 am EST. I couldn't believe the number of people that see his show - the place is massive!

604 days ago


Okay, so we hear like five people booing? Geez, Harvey, you really have the haterade flowing for Justina. I don't like the guy but geez.

604 days ago
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