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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Keeping My Lawyer

The Media Lies!!!

3/6/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
doesn't care that the judge in her criminal case and the media have called her lawyer incompetent ... she's sticking with him. 

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she's angry that the media is painting Mark Heller as a nincompoop.   She says, "It's all lies."

What's more ... Lindsay doesn't care that Judge James Dabney also called Heller incompetent to practice in California.  In fact, the judge was brutally honest ... to the point he said if Lindsay keeps Heller, he'll order her to court for the next hearing to explain why she would be waiving her right to a lawyer who knows what he's doing.

As we first reported ... Michael Lohan reached out to his daughter and offered to pay for a new lawyer, but she turned him down flat.

Lindsay has 12 days to change her mind, because her criminal trial kicks off on the 18th.  If Heller screws up, Lindsay could end up in the pokey for months.


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Its Nikki Bitches    

Move that Judge, "I'M LINDSAY LOHAN" !!!

565 days ago


Hmm...Lindsy calling the media a bunch of liars. Well I cant fault her this time to be honest. You have a better chance of finding an honest politician.(there were rumors there exists one somewhere)...but the case at hand is the lawyers competence....I think his performance thus far speaks dressings and frills needed..

565 days ago


According to Lindsay It's the media's fault !
Heller's new strategy is to claim that since nobody was driving, its the car's fault. If that doesn't float he will claim it's the truckers fault for not getting out of Lindsay's way.

565 days ago


@ Sam are you sure it's Bob I thought Jim was handling this one?

565 days ago


There is a big difference in wishing someone ill and wishing someone would finally get what's comin to them.

565 days ago


Lohan did this all the herself. She screwed herself big time and no Holley to her rescue.

Hey Lohan herself said she 'loathed' Mark Heller. She speed dials Holley, Holley tells her to basically get lost along with every lawyer Lohan called.

In fairness to Heller, joking aside, look what he has to work. Lieing Lohan. Jeeze right off the bat she pulls the sick crap doesn't feel like being in court, same crap she pulled on Holley. It took the threat of an arrest warrent to get her to show up in court.

565 days ago


@ Pattycakes, down here I get told a lot I don't sound "Southern enough" whatever that means...I like to use proper grammar maybe? However if I go North I am definitely called out for being Southern. I will admit I know one of the guys on the reality show Rocket City Redneck and it is staged. So, kimmy K just admit fraud and give Hump his annulment!

565 days ago


Morning All !
Ya'll up North like the little present the South is sending you this morning ?
So glad that snow headed north up the range instead of across the mountains...just got a dusting mixed with rain and now some big assed wings ...and the Warm weather coming in....Whoopie !!!
While the way that silver plated Guy pounched on this story you would like he was sitting around waiting for it to hit the air.....LOL .
it and its little side kick Dense or Dump or what the hell is it ???? or yea ! was like they KnEW somehow it was going be on.....hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Lohan Inc needed the money ....
She sticking with Heller because he's all she can get...Shawn want take her back gift rapped in solid gold foil paper.....studded with rubies.....
But if you all think she will go to trail you need to think again....I've seen a weasel chew off its own paw to escape being trapped in a pen and she is worse then a weasel...and meaner....and you can bet that behind scenes of this drama the real show is going on.....With Dina and Lindsay hell the whole of Lohan Inc....waves their book of crimes and evidence around in the faces of a Whole Damn Lot of Important people screaming ...."You get her off or We will tell and go to the media !" "We Know Stuff "..........
The Lohan Inc Motto.................

565 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Where has Duina been the past month. Maybe she's busy working. It's been awfully quiet from her court.

565 days ago


The media LIES! And we know this because a) Lindsay wasn't driving, and b) Lindsay is sober.

565 days ago


I really can't understand people like that chromeplatedGuy and his sidekick Dip ..and Nicole and the Lohan Loonys.....
I mean anybody with any sence at all Knows that NOTHING and NO ONE is Hollywood or entertainment industry at all are REAL....they ALL are fakes.. dreamed up by some publicity person ..Fake names, Fake lives, Fake faces, Fake bodies....Not one of them is real....From The Brad and Angelena's to the Lindsay Lohans Only problem is they start being the lies and forgetting the real and soon you have a Lindsay Lohan.....
And these gossip sites and people like Harvey Levin make their living promoting these lies and exploiting these fake people....
SterlingTurd ....and Dip !
Its not Real !!!!
She's not real....if she wasn't in the entertainment instustry she would still be a whore...just standing on the corner of 5th and Main in nothing but a short jacket and heels doing men for 20 a support her habit.....

565 days ago


Lindsay Lohan's famous quotes over the years:

2005 "I don't make mistakes"
2006 "It will never happen again"
2007 "I've learned from my mistakes"
2008 "I've learned from my mistakes"
2009 "I am learning from my mistakes"
2010 "I'm just a kid"
2011 "I have learned from my mistakes"
2012 ''I live without regrets''
2013 "Why in the world is lying to the cops a crime anyway?"

565 days ago


She's keeping this cheap lawyer so she can save the money she hid for Crack and Vodka-That's no Lie!

565 days ago


LiLo stopped taking this seriously long ago. She's stupid, also high/drunk most times. He goes along w/ her act, so she wants him to continue. It's why people sadly hope for an OD, so it will just end already.

565 days ago


Lindsay Lohan lies, the media just skews the truth

565 days ago
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