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Michael Vick's New Pooch

The Most Dangerous Breed

For a Dog Killer

3/6/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0309_Michael-Vick_gettyMichael Vick's new dog is the WORST possible breed for a convicted dog killer ... and that's from the official organization that breeds the dog.

The American Belgian Malinois Club and Rescue tells TMZ, the group is very concerned that Vick is allowed to own ANY dog, but the Belgian Malinois is especially problematic.  The breed is highly trainable and they could easily become dangerous if they land in the wrong hands.

Vick, as you know, ended up training pit bulls to fight and kill.

Belgian Malinois -- which are frequently used by the military and police -- have the same fighting potential as pit bulls. 

Although the organization thinks dogs should be off-limits in the Vick household, they believe a more docile pooch -- like a lab -- would be way more appropriate.

But what's done is done ... and the ABMC wants to help Vick properly train the dog. The rep says the org. is willing to help Vick find a good trainer for the dog and educate him on Belgian Malinois so he can "learn and love the breed."

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The man was arrested, tried, and convicted for his previous crime, and then he manned up and did his time. Is that not enough for you, TMZ? Let him be.

561 days ago


Hope the dog bites his face off

561 days ago


This so call group just wanna be notice. Anyway Vick served his time leave him alone. Convicted murderers get away with more ****

561 days ago


I seem to recall an episode of the Dog Whisperer where Cesar visited the home Patti Labelle (I think?) because she had one of these dogs and couldn't control it. It is a very dangerous breed in the wrong hands. You couldn't get any more wrong hands with a dog than the hands of Michael Vick. I'm disgusted he's allowed to own a dog.

561 days ago


He should never own an animal period! He Gould have died right along with the innocent dogs he fought and killed! I own a pit bull and I can't believe how loyal and caring the breed is.

561 days ago


This is unbelievable. I have some experience with this breed and they are great dogs but, not for an idiot that doesn't know what they are doing.
These dogs need professional training and are not a good choice for a child's dog. Vick, once again shows his idiocy. Poor dog.

561 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Screw all you judgemental idiots whose faults we are unaware of, but you most certainly have. The man learned from his mistake and is already having the dog trained. Anyway there is nothing you can do but spread your worthless hate on the internet so it's whatever.

561 days ago


This piece of sh&&t should be shipped up north and fed to the polar bears. POS should never be allowed inside a pet store, let alone allowed to own any animal.

561 days ago


I am not defending this creep in any way I think he should have been locked in a cage with hungry dogs and eaten alive for what he did. I do however want to defend the Malinios. They are a wonderful breed...energetic, loyal and dedicated to pleasing thier owners. They need lots of exercise and attention a high maintenance dog to be sure but a wonderful one. The only reason people think they are mean and nasty is because they are tought to be that way for military purposes, police use and because of the athletic abilities and loyalty guard dogs and protection dogs. The fault is not with the dog but with the handlers who train them......

561 days ago


In an interview, MV said that his children shouldn't be punished for something he did and they should be able to have a dog. Parents set the examples and keeping dogs away from MV should be a lesson to him and his children. If a parent is a pedophile, would you let your children play at their house because the kids want it and don't think it is fair. There are way to many double standards in this country.

561 days ago


Sleazy, TMZ, how DARE you use our club logo on that pic as if the ABMC sanctioned this? Signed, Angela McCalla, ABMC 2nd VP. We did NOT snaction their use of our logo. Remove it from the photo immediately.

561 days ago


So we're saying micheal Vick is (Chris brown) and the dog is (RIHANNA)she'll get hit in the head and thrown over a boat (law & order)

561 days ago


Michael is a disgusting human

561 days ago

Kay Kaybear    

Why is that piece of **** allowed to own any animals...

561 days ago


Bring that bloody mofo to my house and i'll show him how much fun it is to get killed by my dogs...

561 days ago
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