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Ted Nugent to Hugo Chavez


3/6/2013 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ultra-conservative freedom-loving Republican rock star Ted Nugent has three words for the dead former President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez -- "ADIOS MO FO."

Nugent -- a staunch anti-Communist -- tells TMZ, "All dictators, tyrants, slave-drivers and despots should die ASAP. Let freedom ring."

Chavez died yesterday following a battle with cancer.

It makes total sense Nugent would hate the guy -- Chavez was an outspoken anti-American who has long criticized America's foreign policy. During his political career, Chavez also allied with the Communist government of Cuba and the Socialist governments of other Latin American countries.

In sum, Chavez pretty much embodied everything Nugent hates about extremist left-wing politics.




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Just think of the hullabaloo some of us will have when your name replaces Chavez on the breaking news Nugent.

564 days ago


Here I come again now, baby
Like a dog in heat
Tell it's me by the clamor now baby
I like to tear up the street

564 days ago

South Side     

Considering that Ted is a draft dodger who crapped himself he should just shut his face.

564 days ago


At least ole Hogo was more of a man for his country than ted the draft dodger was for his. If ted a boo boo has so much patriotism why doesn't he take his guns and arrows to Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan and do something besides talking behind the press.

564 days ago


I love all of these "celebrities" praising Chavez and Castro, et al - they wouldn't spend five minutes living in a communist country though, would they???? Nope. They love the money, freedom and luxury provided by this country but they look down their noses at it like it's the worst country in the world. I say GO, Ted!!! Screw Chavez and the horse he rode in on.

564 days ago


IF anyones a mofo its probabily Ted and in real life, F*king redneck, the guy is an insult to retards.

564 days ago

BB not bb    

Ted Nugent is just a sleazy rock star. He had a bunch of silly and fairly disgustingly perverse rock songs. Now he is going around like some political expert spouting his perverse views.

Telling people to all go drop dead is not how diplomacy is done. Spouting drivel is okay if you are just a musician, but as a political pundit, he is pretty much off base.

564 days ago


Im with Ted on this one.

564 days ago


Hey Hugo, Take Sean Penn with ya. Did you know Sean Penn's Dad was black listed in Hollywood and that's why Sean is so anti United States, communism is in his blood.

564 days ago


LOL! Liberals on here bashing Ted Nugent for his beliefs. Calling him names and saying he is ignorant because they disagree with him. Talking about his intolerance. Oh the irony. Liberals are so stupid they don't realize how transparent they really are. It's really sad.

564 days ago


Gotta love the liberal media such as TMZ mocking conservatives with terms thrown into the article such as "merica" it's a shame how dumb liberals are and seem to be ok with the total destruction of our country...your pure racist hatred for white conservatives is disgusting and we think of you as pitiful low informed individuals that will support tyranny by commies, you know how I know you liberals are stupid and hated bush for weatherboarding YET LOVE a man (obama) when he has killed innocent people on other lands with drones and is trying to do that here!!! our soldiers are still out there and he hasn't closed Guantanamo, he constantly lies, hides and tries to skirt his way around congress.

He's putting our men in harms way constantly and now can't afford to supply them because of the sequester which is HIS FAULT!!. did you know our soldiers who were PROMISED an education while in service are being turned away and told to go home from their colleges because of sequester which is Obama's fault?, I bet you morons had no idea about that since you all live on msnbc talking helps so please learn, your stupid is showing, I can't believe how dumb you all are and how dumb TMZ is...and it's America tools, not merica.

564 days ago


My fave new saying. MURICA! LOL

564 days ago


This makes me really like Chavez!

564 days ago


gotta LUV me some Uncle Ted!

563 days ago


good riddens mo fo, not even worms will eat you.... LOL... this could not happen to a more deserving ass h***le LOL, my condolences to Sean Penn the rich socialist...

563 days ago
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