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Transgender MMA Fighter

Wants to Fight Chicks


3/6/2013 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A female transgender MMA fighter who just kicked an opponent's ass in 39 seconds has set her sights on the UFC.

Fallon Fox was born a man.  In 2006, when she was 30, she had gender reassignment surgery.

Fox is now a MMA fighter for the Championship Fighting Alliance (CFA).  Her record is 2 and 0 after destroying Ericka Newsome Saturday night in 39 seconds with a vicious knee to the head.

Fox says she now wants to fight "at the highest level" -- which in the MMA world is only one place -- the UFC.

Fox insists she is a woman in every respect and just happens to fall into the category of postoperative transsexual.  She compares herself to any other category of women, including blacks, lesbians and the disabled.

Fox says she has no advantage over naturally born women.

The owner of CFA, Jorge De La Noval, tells TMZ, "CFA is an organization which does not discriminate against any fighter ... as long as they are professionally licensed."

As for fighting in the UFC, Dana White tells us to fight in the UFC ... Fox would have to get the green light from the state athletic commission.  But he also says Fox hasn't proved herself yet ... the 2 women she's beat have never won a fight. 


ana says, "She's gotta win some real fights to even talk about the UFC."  And Dana warns, "It's not like transgenders who play golf or baseball.  UFC is a contact sport."

So we gotta ask ...

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I follow MMA, and I do not want her fighting my Rowdy Rhonda! I hold no ill feelings against her, I wish her well, but she grew up with male hormones and having a gender reassignment does not change her past physical condition and growth structure.

558 days ago


This creature is a guy. Just because you call yourself a chick, doesn't mean you're one. If HE fights girls, HE should be arrested.

558 days ago


I don't care how you look at it. You can't change your gender, point blank period. It doesn't matter what you do to your genitals or what kind of hormones you take. You are what you are. This man has no female parts whatsoever. If he weren't injecting estrogen into his body every day, he would just be a regular guy with a mutilated penis and silicone in his chest. I don't care what people decide to do with their bodies, but I refuse to call a woman a man or a man a woman just because that's what they wish they were. It's f_cking ridiculous.

558 days ago


no they shouldnt "her" fight women, because "she" is not a f***ing woman! just she "she" dresses like a woman, acts like a woman,and has had surgery to 'her" more feminine. Genetically speaking
HE is a MAN! end of story!

558 days ago


Man Fk that! I say put a dress on Mike Tyson saying he's a woman now -- then put this Fallon Fox person in the ring with him. Let's see if he'll knock MT out in 39 second.

558 days ago

Professor Sherlock     

Oh Dear God!

558 days ago

Professor Sherlock     

This isn't some passive swap-gendered equality rap rant. Fact that is a dude no matter which way you cut it. Why try and only fight woman? We get it you want to desperately fight for equality?? It makes me fear mentally insane people and also transvestism a little but of both.

558 days ago


Seriously, what if say George Forman cut off his thing claiming to be a woman now and wanted to get in the ring fighting females, are they going to allow that to happen too? I have nothing against Gays or Trans whatever... But c'on, that's like putting Cher daughter Chad in ring to fight a real men. Wouldn't be a fair fight!

558 days ago

Professor Sherlock     

What-"She compares herself to any other category of women, including blacks, lesbians and the disabled." Fox News.. Trust your masagomystical "opinion" based on politic like favor to whom is winning at the very second stick to following acts.

558 days ago


I'm just fine with him wanting to get a sex change to become a woman but with something like the UFC were after the sex change she now wants to fight women I think no that shouldn't be allowed. He was born a man, his body is built like a man and always will be even though he's missing a few male parts now. Just looking at the picture and video you can clearly see that's a man fighting.

558 days ago

Unlisted ny    

Looks like the black guy from amish mafia

558 days ago


This is absurd. As stated this fighter has a male skeletal frame and had spent 3 decades as a male. Even if they were born with lower test. levels and higher estro levels, they still are not a female and still have some range of masculine development. Ingesting female hormones after the fact will have some effect, in feminizing them, but not enough to where he or anyone is literaly a female. As mentioned the skeletal frame cannot be altered to be anything other than what it is.

558 days ago


Another thing that is very distressing, is Fox has comeout publicaly, playing the 'transgender card", instead of earning their place, just like everyone else has done, in UFC. This is obvious for one reason, and before anyone wants to argue the point, really consider what Im saying. Fox has only 2 fights. Both fights were against woman who had never competed before. No fighter would even consider talking to UFC with only 2 fights under their belt and on top of that, 2 fights against 2 fighters with no absolutly no fight experiance. You have to spend time developing your fight record against real opponents with proven track records, before UFC will even look in your direction. All fighters withthin the MMA world know this as fact. All fighters that start in UFC already have established a fight record. Even the most green fighters come in with usualy 5-8 fights with only 1 to 0 losses, as an average. Fox knows this as he competes in another organisation. He is fully aware of what is required, as well as the uphill work required to be a professional UFC fighter.And instead of earning their place by establishing a fight record, they want to jump on the hype of Rhondas rise to stardom, and use the Media, to leap frog, into a spot. This lacks all honor and has no place in Martial arts. This cowardly attempt at getting something they havnt earned, should ban them from future competition. Perhaps Fox should try WWE where everyone enjoys a good spectacle

558 days ago


@Hazumu You keep posting over and over and over again that the IOC allows transgender women to compete, but aren't these the same dopes who couldn't catch Lance Armstrong for all those years? They don't exactly strike me as competent when it comes to testing of any kind. Not to mention, I can click on that video and watch with my own 2 eyes that that person has an obvious unfair advantage over the other woman. Look at the hands! Look at the legs! Look at the feet! They are obviously bigger, and it's not from working out just a little more than the other fighter. Taking estrogen isn't going to shrink your hand and foot size! It's not fair, and it never will be fair no matter what the IOC or anybody else says. Watch female MMA once and a while. You know what you won't see? A women get knocked out. It never happens, but somehow this IOC approved person has a knockout in 39 seconds. It's not a legitimate win. It's no different than the steroid era in baseball. Sure Barry Bonds hit all those home runs, they counted in the game, but he had an unfair advantage which is why he'll never be in the hall of fame.

558 days ago


If I was a boxer, I would not fight this man. I don't think any coaches should allow their female boxers to fight him either. Last week I heard about parents fighting to let their son use the girls' restroom at school. I'm pretty much sick of the P.C. nonsense and it's about time folks start calling B.S. on this stuff instead of catering to these whiners. They're the ones carving their own goofy path; they should be the ones to deal with it - not everyone else.

558 days ago
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