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Transgender MMA Fighter

Wants to Fight Chicks


3/6/2013 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A female transgender MMA fighter who just kicked an opponent's ass in 39 seconds has set her sights on the UFC.

Fallon Fox was born a man.  In 2006, when she was 30, she had gender reassignment surgery.

Fox is now a MMA fighter for the Championship Fighting Alliance (CFA).  Her record is 2 and 0 after destroying Ericka Newsome Saturday night in 39 seconds with a vicious knee to the head.

Fox says she now wants to fight "at the highest level" -- which in the MMA world is only one place -- the UFC.

Fox insists she is a woman in every respect and just happens to fall into the category of postoperative transsexual.  She compares herself to any other category of women, including blacks, lesbians and the disabled.

Fox says she has no advantage over naturally born women.

The owner of CFA, Jorge De La Noval, tells TMZ, "CFA is an organization which does not discriminate against any fighter ... as long as they are professionally licensed."

As for fighting in the UFC, Dana White tells us to fight in the UFC ... Fox would have to get the green light from the state athletic commission.  But he also says Fox hasn't proved herself yet ... the 2 women she's beat have never won a fight. 


ana says, "She's gotta win some real fights to even talk about the UFC."  And Dana warns, "It's not like transgenders who play golf or baseball.  UFC is a contact sport."

So we gotta ask ...

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Wow, the number of uneducated posts really do trouble me. Maybe I'll catch the flack for saying it and most likely I'll just have a bunch of mindless idiots downvoting/hating my post. But so be it.

As some point out oh so happily. Yes she is genetically a male. However this is NOT the end of the story. Given that any number of people born with CAIS, and any other number of similar genetic anomalies which leads to their female appearance.

Then add to the mix that scientific research is actually showing more and more that these individuals who do identify as trans* have actually been shown to have brain physiology which is in line with that of their identified gender BEFORE hormone replacement therapy. Furthermore even more recent research has begun genetic anomalies which seem to be quite related to the phenomena of transgender identities.

So... physiologically speaking, no they are not entirely male and you guessed it, genetically not either.

As for the argument which states that there is somehow some sort of strength advantage. What logic do you use to come up with this argument? I mean consider the fact that testosterone plays a role in the building of musculature. Take that away and you have a greater difficulty building the same type of muscle mass and gaining the same strength.

This being said, before surgery trans* folk are medicated so that hormonally (both testosterone and estrogen), they are within ranges that a natal or genetic female would achieve. And after surgery, they are at a point where the body produces nearly nothing in the way of testosterone since the major producing organs are removed. Very little is still produced by the adrenals, which sit on the kidneys but in very minute amounts which leave post op trans* folk with even less testosterone than natal women. As a result they have to work even harder to keep this level of fitness and strength/metabolism than would your average woman.

As for that skeleton that so many people say will make the difference? Sure it will, but not in the way a lot seem to claim and Ill also break that down. A male skeleton as people mention is denser, and depending on how late HRT began in life a lot bigger. So somehow people think bigger is better. Right? Actually wrong. This being because the skeleton is also HEAVIER. So lets think this out. Heavier skeleton, and less musculature to move around with. Do you really think that having to fight under these cir***stances will really lead to a severe advantage given that your entire body is built around the skeletal system?

Given, this means that trans-female athletes will have to be stronger to compete on the same level as their natal counterparts when it comes to being able to move as freely. However they will have to train just as hard, (or even harder if they have had surgery due to an even greater lack of T) than would a natal female to achieve the same results.

So really this being said and done. I see no reason why she should be unable to continue fighting. She is simply a female with another body type, and a condition that she has to deal with. And if you must ask for the recap... one that hinders her physical capabilityjust as much, if not more than any so called advantage if may confer.

533 days ago


Just because she doesn't have her twig and berries anymore does not mean she doesn't have the muscle mass and strength of a dude. I dont think it would be fair.

533 days ago


Somewhere right now Chris Brown is reading this and then immediately Googling how to sign up with the CFA, while tucking his 3" peen and trying on one of Rhianna's wigs.

533 days ago


I wouldn't let my fighter fight a man

533 days ago


Mr.harvey this show goes global next time let the psychologist have a say is difficult topic danke je

533 days ago

Ant Fuller    

even if he's taking estrogen and **** like that, he's still has a man's build, look how he just whipped her ass like that?? put this mutha ****a in the ring with Anderson Silva lol

533 days ago


I think transgenders should only beat up other transgenders. Just saying.
Just make a new division...the transgender edition.

533 days ago


its a man with its dick cut off...it should only fight men or other trannys like it....fighting women is NOT fair...that being said...eeewww nasty...and immoral

533 days ago


Transgender Women don't have female brain at all, some of them may have a feminine brain, but there's a huge diference between being female and being feminine.
Also sex is defined by chromosomes, hormone reproduction and internal and external sex organs, so Fallon isn't a female and she will never be one, unfortunately for her there's no such a thing as Sex reassignment surgery, sex is unalterable, yes she can take ''female'' hormones and take blockers for the ''male'' hormones but she will never reproduce those hormones naturally at the levels that females do, and she can modify her penis but it would still be a penis, and she will never develop female sex organs.
You'll never hear of someone that has transitioned from male to female, that is impossible because sex is unalterable so there's no such a thing as transition. , yes there's nothing wrong with being transgender but let's stop the lies, you are spreading your opinion like it was a fact, if she had in fact a female brain, she would have been borned a woman.
She's an artificial woman at best.
Made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, typically as a copy of something natural: "artificial light".

533 days ago


Most of these comments make me sick. You are all disgustingly bigoted and will one day be ashamed of yourselves and your attitude toward transgender people. People who deserve the use of the correct pronoun, not "it". You're all ****ing filthy.

533 days ago


S I say let her fight other women, after shes proven herself more and has some record of wins to back her up. So what if she's transgender. She felt like a woman, identified herself as one and then had the surgery to become one. It's not like she was a dude wanting to win fights so she changed sex to have an advantage over another female fighter. A feminine guy (now female) wanting to go up against manly yolked women who sometimes are built like guys. Let her. If she's like most confident women she'd be happy to whoop on a guy too! Best of luck to HER!

533 days ago


Sorry but I seem to be in the minority but I believe in equality. The LBGT Community will always have the religious nutjobs crying "It's against "Gawd's Will" and will stand behind that thought process to hide the fact they are bigots. I for one say let her fight. If other women don't want to fight her, it is their choice. No one forces a person in MMA to go up against an opponent they do not want to. Let it be the fighter's choice. It's not our right to say no.

533 days ago

It's Me    

WOW!!! If you were born a man (or woman) then that is WHAT you are. Geeezzz!!!!!! Such nonsense now-a-days.

533 days ago


born a man cut off your dick and dies you still are a man. why are we even having this discussion?? this ia crazy!!!

533 days ago



533 days ago
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