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Transgender MMA Fighter

Wants to Fight Chicks


3/6/2013 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A female transgender MMA fighter who just kicked an opponent's ass in 39 seconds has set her sights on the UFC.

Fallon Fox was born a man.  In 2006, when she was 30, she had gender reassignment surgery.

Fox is now a MMA fighter for the Championship Fighting Alliance (CFA).  Her record is 2 and 0 after destroying Ericka Newsome Saturday night in 39 seconds with a vicious knee to the head.

Fox says she now wants to fight "at the highest level" -- which in the MMA world is only one place -- the UFC.

Fox insists she is a woman in every respect and just happens to fall into the category of postoperative transsexual.  She compares herself to any other category of women, including blacks, lesbians and the disabled.

Fox says she has no advantage over naturally born women.

The owner of CFA, Jorge De La Noval, tells TMZ, "CFA is an organization which does not discriminate against any fighter ... as long as they are professionally licensed."

As for fighting in the UFC, Dana White tells us to fight in the UFC ... Fox would have to get the green light from the state athletic commission.  But he also says Fox hasn't proved herself yet ... the 2 women she's beat have never won a fight. 


ana says, "She's gotta win some real fights to even talk about the UFC."  And Dana warns, "It's not like transgenders who play golf or baseball.  UFC is a contact sport."

So we gotta ask ...

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Would y'all prefer that she fight men? I've had a feeling for years that some men would really like to beat women up any time they feel like it, but are (generally, not always) stopped by the don't-hit-girls rule they learned in grade school. Hey! here's a guy who turned himself into a woman! They gave up the strength advantage, but they're not really-really women. It's OPEN SEASON on trans-women!

598 days ago


No! No! No! It wouldn't be a fair fight. You can't compare female strength to a males strength even if he is transgender! Even Rousey would get her ass kicked and she's strong. No, No! I hope Dana White never goes for this! I doubt he will because it would be fake because this guy has an advantage.

598 days ago


She sure is ugly damnm

598 days ago


This person matured into a full grown man with the muscle mass and build of a man, and now he thinks he can fight women, because he tries to look like one on the outside? What's his real deal? D

598 days ago


This "woman" has a body that matured up to 30 years old. a fully matured man's body. but this jerk wants to fight women? what's his real deal? does he hate women, because he will never fully be one? what is with these transgendered men trying to best women? why can't he fight other transgender women? this is sick, this man just wants to beat up on the people he wishes he was. who does he think he's fully, it's obvious he knows he would have a bigger advatnage over the women. what fools are letting him get away with this crap?

598 days ago


Im getting so tired of these transexuals.. This is a man who dresses like a woman and had surgery to look like a woman... Quick blood test show the DNA which is the final answer he is still a man so if he wants to fight in the UFC he has to fight in the men division. Pretty simple.

598 days ago


Just like the girl who wanted to play in the NFL. Where do these people come from? Are there any real MEN and WOMEN left on this planet or do we only have gays/lesbians and trannies?

598 days ago


This is DISTURBING and so wrong. You should take the video down. This is a man beating the **** out of a woman! Its disgusting. Transgender Rights Absolutely. This is a man who for the last thirty years has developed a different muscle mass and density then women have and is now abusing women. This man/woman should be arrested or banned. You wanna fight guys go do that and see how that works out for you. Coward!

598 days ago


It wouldn't be a fair fight... regardless of her transgender... she was still born as a man... is built like a man and has strength like a man... It's not fair to the women who are born as a woman...

598 days ago

judy jetson    

Maybe she could fight chaz bono.

598 days ago


When you chop off your penis you forfeit things like that.

598 days ago


Dark Humor joke of the day: It takes dedication to sacrifice your manhood to enjoy your favorite hobby. Beating women unconscious legally that is.

598 days ago


Have shim fight Khloe Kardashian. Gender inequality problems solved!

598 days ago


What's this dude's real issue? Does he have a problem with women? Why does he want to fight real women and not transdgendered women like him? He is not fooling anyone, he knows he will have an unfair advantage, and whoever is letting this stupidity go on is dispicable and needs to be called out and stopped. No its not ok for him/her to beat up on women, He sounds like a loser who wasnt good at anything so now he's found an unfair way to win something. ****ing s***bag.

598 days ago


She should have stayed a man if she wanted to fight in the UFC....just my opinion.

598 days ago
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