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Chris Brown

Valet Tried to Rip Me Off

3/7/2013 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown says the reason he lost his temper and threatened a valet last night was because the guy tried to fleece him ... TMZ has learned.

A source connected to Chris tells TMZ ... the valet outside PINZ bowling alley in Studio City, CA -- where Chris was attending a charity event -- was supposed to charge $5 a pop ... but when Chris tried to pick his car up, the valet tried to scam him by charging $10.

The source says other people who parked at PINZ last night were charged $5. Chris believes he was singled out because he's famous.

Chris says it's not about the money ... it's the principle of the thing.


No Avatar

None ya    

Yeah it is the principle because when you smack a bitch they should do what you say.

596 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

The principle? You are a convicted felon on formal probation who has supposedly overcame his anger issues, yet prior to this punches someone over a parking spot. He needs to be put in jail.

596 days ago


Who knew he had principles? Anyone ...anyone?

596 days ago


Can't believe anything this lying sub human says.

596 days ago


What a dumbass, I don't know what I wanna see more.. Him get locked up or him get his ass beat... Hmmm

596 days ago


****in ****** needs to go away just like kanye

596 days ago


Chris is wrong he should have handle the matter differently, however the valet attendant is wrong can you image how many people he over charge do the maths if 20 people park he is making $100 per day on top of his wages. His employer should terminate his services because he is a theif

596 days ago


this freak would never have gotten 'all in your face' with the valet, over $5, if was without his bros.

guy is the male version of lindsay lohan.

596 days ago


I would love to see this azzhat get his fking teeth smashed. What a no good piece of sh!t.

596 days ago

I'm out :-/    

well done Breezy there's a lot of greedy punks out there taking advantage of hardworking people.

596 days ago


Yea....he's famous all right. He is famous as a weak ass that beats women and a big shot as long as he's got his 400 pound thugs surrounding him.

Can't wait until his ass is in prison! Oh crap, that will make him more famous!

596 days ago


Whiney wanna be thug. Shut your pie hole you POS.

596 days ago


Funny how the negative is always focused on. He was at a freaking charity event. Everyone talking about CB hasn't change and he does nothing good. He was performing for CHARITY. But what gets focused on? An argument he has with the valet, who tried to overcharge him $5. Idc who I am and how much money I have. If the average person pays $5 for valet, I'm paying $5 for valet. You can't up the price for one specific person just because you want to. He was right for getting upset. It is the principle. It's ridiculous how people are so blinded by the BS the media spews. Pathetic beings you all are.

596 days ago


all this faux-gangsta is doing, with all his gangsta-shyte, is putting a target on himself. he is gonna make another john hinckley-type famous.

dude needs to tone it down, or better yet, just go quiet. forever. before someone silences you, or your fans turn their backs on you, once and for all. they are dropping like flies every day.

596 days ago


The point, D123, is that even if he was being ripped off that doesn't excuse his behaviour. The guy's a total punk with no appreciation for how fortunate he is.

596 days ago
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