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Jennifer Lopez

Please Admit My Twins

To Your School

3/7/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0306_jlo_buckley_school_compositeJennifer Lopez is experiencing the kind of stress that hundreds of rich L.A. mommies endure every year -- getting their kids into exclusive, VERY EXPENSIVE private schools.

We've learned Jennifer has been making the rounds in L.A., interviewing schools for her 5-year-old twins, who will be starting kindergarten in the Fall.

We know she went with kids in tow Tuesday to the famous Buckley School in the San Fernando Valley ... considered by many to be the best L.A. has to offer.  By the way, it better be -- tuition and other costs total $33,345 for the year -- PER KID!

And when we say Jennifer was interviewing ... she's the one -- like all the other parents -- who had to put on some snazzy clothes to impress.  Lots of very rich, very famous parents try getting their kids into Buckley. 

Alums include Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Matthew Perry and current student Paris Jackson.

We checked the roster for Buckley's High School but couldn't find Casper Smart on the list ... kidding!


No Avatar


You have to pay that much money to make sure your kids don't mingle with the public peasants.

563 days ago


Yeah, what an impressive roster of geniuses Buckley has. Three trashy w♡res and Chandler.

563 days ago


Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian are alumni? If they are the success examples I would look for a new school!

563 days ago


Looking at the Alumni list, I would try another School

563 days ago


Her children are darling! Wish I could have twins too.

563 days ago


Lets take a look of kids whos parents a famous? and they become Drug addict. Sluts look at Paris Hoe and so many more.

563 days ago


It doesnt matter how rich or how much you spend...if your kids are stupid, money isnt gonna fix that.

563 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

You have to look no further than Bobby Kristina Brown to see that these parents who raise their children in the stratosphere of wealth and privilege are doing them no favors. Good luck with that Jenny. I'd prefer well rounded individuals with a good sense of themselves and the world around them, money or not.

563 days ago


I can think of a better way to spend that kind of money! My kids go to a public school and have learned the same things those kids will, without the cost.

563 days ago


You had me until I saw who the alumni were. You'd think the wealthy professional parents would insist on the school exercising a little more care with whom they let into the group

563 days ago


If i had the money i'd put my kids into a private school too. Those kids are better looking versions of mark.

563 days ago


Come on Jenny, you'll probally get more fame from sending them to a public school. Do what's best for your fame not your kids. Gotta protect your reputation girl.

563 days ago


The Buckey School is far from the best L.A. has to offer, It is an overpriced daycare with the only requirements to get a kid into kindergarten are a fat checkbook and a huge donations to the school fund.

563 days ago


I'm not a JLo fan but those kids are really adorable. Hope they grow up to be humble and down to earth....

563 days ago


This isn't directed at J Lo specifically but to anyone who would consider this school. At what point does one so completely lose his mind that paying $35k a year for effing PREschool becomes an option?!??!? Math is math and science is science. How does any school (even Ivy League colleges) begin to justify this?? I can confidently say that even if I had the money there is no way in hell I'd spend it on this mess.

563 days ago
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