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Kim Kardashian

Sees Doctor After

Stomach Pains

3/7/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian went to the doctor yesterday because she was having pains in her stomach, and the doc warned she needed to slow down.

We're told Kim was flying home from Paris when she started feeling "severe stomach pains" on the plane.  It freaked her out and she started bawling in front of other passengers.

Sources say Kim is "stressed out" ... we're told because she's prepping for her deposition in her divorce case with Kris Humphries and she's moving to a new house.

When Kim landed she went to her doctor, who told her she had flu-like symptoms and it was not a miscarriage warning.

We're told the baby's fine.  In related news, we're told Kris Kardashian has already signed her.


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No Avatar

Kev the Realist    

NOBODY CARES about this piece of trash and he flamer boyfriend.

595 days ago


I am going thru stress and i'm pregnant it is very scary

595 days ago


She works out 9 days a week and eats susi 3 times a week now Duh! She's been trying to kill that baby since she knew.

595 days ago


Yes, it's all the stress from the divorce. That's it nothing else Not the flying to different countries every night of the week. She is such a loser.

595 days ago


I'm just so glad that everytime this cow has to fart we have TMZ there to catch a whiff of it.

595 days ago


I hope she dies soon!

595 days ago


She probably has just realized, that she would be giving birth to a pick a ninny. It WILL NOT enhance her tarnished image. The child (IF there is one), will bear the stigma,all it's life.

595 days ago


just tell the truth in depostion and you wont be stressed. i dont see how you, boy friend and family can sleep at night the way you all have no regard for anyone other than yourselves. the way you all have treated hump is outrageous. and all your fans and the people at tmz dont realize, you would treat them no better, if they were in the way of something you wanted. the songs, the photos with boy friend and intentionally getting pregnat. yes i can see where she is feeling sick before depostion.

595 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Nobody acres about this tramp and her gay lover. They are both useless talentless pieces of ****. The world would be a btter place with them and their illegitimate bastard child. Kid will probably be born with a birth defact as both of the parents are clearly brain dead and combined thay have the intelligence of a 5 year old. She is looking more and more like a disgusting fat slob who doesn't know how to dress and is full of herself.

595 days ago


Drama whore

595 days ago


Let me guess: there's a miscarriage coming.
She said the kid is off for the reality show, but a miscarriage story will make for RATINGS!

Fame whore - does anybody know if there is a web browser plugin that will block mentions of certain subjects? If not, someone get on developing that and I'll pay you for your efforts so I can block this chick.

595 days ago


rush me to the doctor, I have gas. oh and I haven't been mentioned in the tabloids for 27 hours. OMG Can this person PLEASE GO AWAY? Her and Kanye are like taking the worst people ever and splicing them together to make he and she versions of the worst people imaginable.

595 days ago


And Kayne West, was no where in sight??

595 days ago


LOL Omg, it takes a lot to get me to actually laugh out loud but this sure did. Tmz you have sunk so low, this is absolute BULLSH*T. Your constant @ss kissing of this h0e is pathetic. Stomach pains do to stress of an up coming court appearance? Stfu! Can you prove that beyond a reasonable doubt? F*ck no, specially with all the traveling all over the world this careless b*tch has been doing. If she cared she would stay the f*ck home, instead, all the h0e does is vocation all around the world. You and this stupid selfish b*tch, have no idea what REAL stress is. Mothers work a 9-5 or longer everyday, standing on their feet all day, take care of their other kids, worrying about paying their bills, food, ending up on the street, doing the work all alone and you think this rich, stuck up, greedy, clueless, uneducated, talentless tw@t, that takes pictures and vocations 24/7 is under stress? Their are some dumb people out there but damn, this is on a whole other level. Her fans are stupid as sh*t, kmz is, the Kadashians for thinking that most people would believe this sh*t and anyone else who believes this crap. Hope she is outed officially as a fraud. Stress my @ss.

595 days ago


I'm so tired of these "haters" coming on sites about Kim and saying vile things. You know you really don't have complete anonymity you cowards. You must be ugly fat losers who sit behind your computers and pick on a person you don't even know. You are so PATHETIC!!! You losers know that you would jump at the chance to meet Kim if you had the chance. Go ahead and respond your moronic responses to the truth I just said. That shows me that I'm right about you animals.

595 days ago
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