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Kim Kardashian

Sees Doctor After

Stomach Pains

3/7/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian went to the doctor yesterday because she was having pains in her stomach, and the doc warned she needed to slow down.

We're told Kim was flying home from Paris when she started feeling "severe stomach pains" on the plane.  It freaked her out and she started bawling in front of other passengers.

Sources say Kim is "stressed out" ... we're told because she's prepping for her deposition in her divorce case with Kris Humphries and she's moving to a new house.

When Kim landed she went to her doctor, who told her she had flu-like symptoms and it was not a miscarriage warning.

We're told the baby's fine.  In related news, we're told Kris Kardashian has already signed her.


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Kanye West is one of the biggest names in the music industry and regularly rubs shoulders with the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce. However, while some say his celebrity has increased after he started dating Kim Kardashian, others say that his public image has taken a big hit.

The Kardashian brand, while bringing in millions of dollars a year in endorsements and their television show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, is not often associated with prestige, whereas Kanye West is often seen endorsing high-class brands such as Louis Vuitton. Has this finally token a toll on Kanye?

MTO reports that Kanye’s relationship with Kim is nearing its end and he’s looking to break things off with her, despite her reportedly being pregnant with his child. The report states that a source close to the couple has said, “Kanye was coming to Abu Dhabi for a concert and Kim wanted to come with him cause she loves that place. Ye didn’t allow her because he said it was dangerous for her to travel while pregnant.”

However, the source continued that the real reason he didn’t want her to travel was different, adding, “The real reason is his closest friends (Hov included) keep telling him to show up less with Kim, because she’s always a bad look for his image.”

If this report is true, the breakup will cause quite a splash in the news, even though it’s not entirely unexpected. The media has been predicting a breakup between the duo for a long time now, especially because Kanye’s public image and even his reported friendship with Jay-Z and Beyonce has suffered because of his relationship with Kim. However, leaving a pregnant woman might not be the best thing for his image, either.

The likeliest possibility is that this report isn’t accurate, because this ‘insider’ has just made a bunch of unsubstantiated claims about the status of Kanye’s and Kim’s relationship. While Kim definitely didn’t travel to Abu Dhabi for the concert, it’s all but certain now that she’s pregnant and it is very true that it’s dangerous for pregnant women to travel such long distances, especially after their first trimester. However, will the relationship last through Kim’s pregnancy? Well, that’s much less likely

597 days ago


Poor KIMMODE, my heart bleeds for her....NOT!!!! Stress moving into a mansion...LOL!!!! And as far as the divorce....she made her bed, now she can lie in it. Spoiled, self absorbed, selfish, vain, no talent skank.

597 days ago


Who gives a flying rats ass what she does and if she loses this fetus, better for us cus this world hates the kardashians / west...

596 days ago


If she really is pregnant... I hope she gains 100 plus pounds, has an incredibly long and uncomfortable labor, and births a hairy child.

596 days ago


Well here is what is funny to me. Tmz trying to kiss ass by being on her side all the time and blatantly trying to brain wash people into thinking the stress of her situation with Chris humphries is causing her pregnancy problems ? So why doesn't she give him the annulment he is asking for ?it'll be all over with and she won't be risking her babies life? No.? Wouldn't that make sense. But it's up to her. Fight for the divorce you want so badly to make sure Chris can't talk a out you and out all your secrets and can't touch your money or risk killing your baby Your choice kimmy,so this argument does not make sense to me at all only makes her look really bad.

596 days ago


Why would Kim be flying on a plane with passengers, She ain't dealing with no broke bitch, oh wait we know who is making more money in that relationship!

596 days ago


It's called "gas/fart"!

596 days ago


Please put the baby up for adoption so he can have a life;) Kim should just go away and die!!!!

596 days ago


She just trying to get out of her trial. Oh but she can travel to brazil and Paris just fine.

593 days ago


Sorry but it is my opinion that this individual is full of drama. Stop blaming the stress on the divorce! she obviously thinks she can buy her way or slide through
with no repercussions. Grow up!!! Real people in this world have to pay the price she is not any different!!! id she slides by (adultery, shame on the judge)

593 days ago


Kanye watch out the girl is washed up!!!!! she is after your money!!!!

593 days ago


Stressed out?! Wtf is she stressed out over? A lot of wkmen have gone through worse during pregnancy- myself included. And what do we do? We work, and definately don't fly so much nor wear tight clothes. Stop being a drama queen and get a realitu check! If the divorce is stressing you out, annul the marriage...but I bet you're more concern about your reputation being exposed than the well being of your baby.

593 days ago



593 days ago


I bet now, she wishes she just swallowed the nut!

590 days ago


hey look its shamu in disguised

558 days ago
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