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Kim Kardashian

Sees Doctor After

Stomach Pains

3/7/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian went to the doctor yesterday because she was having pains in her stomach, and the doc warned she needed to slow down.

We're told Kim was flying home from Paris when she started feeling "severe stomach pains" on the plane.  It freaked her out and she started bawling in front of other passengers.

Sources say Kim is "stressed out" ... we're told because she's prepping for her deposition in her divorce case with Kris Humphries and she's moving to a new house.

When Kim landed she went to her doctor, who told her she had flu-like symptoms and it was not a miscarriage warning.

We're told the baby's fine.  In related news, we're told Kris Kardashian has already signed her.


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596 days ago


Judging from these comments, whether Kimmode wins the divorce trial or not, she's already lost the public.

596 days ago


Well if she was really pregnant I would care all lies and coverups for sympathy let's keep blaming Himphries not all the flights and tight clothes how convenient skank!!!

596 days ago


Another lie from the family that makes a living on lies, at this point I really doubt she is pregnant, but besides that how can you blame a depo when you are dragging your fetus all over the world constantly, wearing spanx and right clothes, heels and never seem to take it easy, but how convenient you blame your husband that is right skank you are STILL married but just wait for the timing of this predictable "miscarriage" it is all for the divorce and public sympathy but they have lied so much no one believes or really cares that much anymore

596 days ago


what mom to be runs around theGlobe wearing high heels witch is bad for the baby,as well as flying is.
shes not takeing care of herself cuz shes a ding batt!
she looks silly wearing all those ill fitting outfits that
Kaynes other girfriend picks out for her.
Kaynes assitant is his real girfriend kim is just for show.

596 days ago


I bet you this chicks not even pregnant it's all for ratings

596 days ago


best thing for that ( sorta) zerba, abort it.

596 days ago


Kim's doctor sees the doctor?? take another look at the headline.

596 days ago

Enough Already    

Once again, this POS, fat a**, A lister celebrity wanna be proving to the world that everything is all about HER. Get over yourself already!!! What are you going to do when this poor child is born? Leave the child at home alone or in the car so you can go jet off to somewhere?? WOW. What a selfish waste of space!!!!!

596 days ago


Get rid of all your mirrors and pictures of yourself, and don't call me in the morning.

Your Welcome.

596 days ago


Sounds like this was a personal phone call to TMZ, from Kim herself. (source?). Thanks Kim!?????
She often calls in to TMZ,as seen on their TV show.
Funny girl~

596 days ago


"Flu like symptoms"? I would be finding myself a new doctor. The flu is NOT gastrointestinal, it's a respiratory illness. Oh yeah, please stop reporting on these two...maybe then they will go away!

596 days ago

Gsharon 710    

I guess Dr. Momma K. diagnosed her. Her stress could be from: Negative publicly, extra weight, Mommy _itching because Kanye announced pregnancy free and moms got no money for news, siblings showing signs of backlash because of neg publicity, Kanye realize this was not a good thing and wants distance or a hundred other things....so get off K, Humphries' leg.

596 days ago


Yeah, blame the divorce, again, or moving into a new mansion - right!! The fact is her travel schedule is way too much because she has to keep the Kartrashian media machine going. Little boy West will end up dumping this POS.

596 days ago


Women have been having babies since the beginning of time Kim and they will continue to till the world ends. Women have gone through wars, famines and all other kinds of heinous things. I bet they didn't whine half as much as you do. Suck it up. You had sex and everyone knows there is a chance of getting pregnant every time you have sex. You made your bed, now lie in it and for goodness sake SHUT UP!

596 days ago
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