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Lil Twist

WRECKS Justin's Fisker

Then Flees

3/8/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Justin Bieber continues to trust Lil Twist with his ultra-expensive cars, then he deserves what he gets, because TMZ has learned Twist had yet another mishap, and this one involves a hit and run.

We've learned Lil Twist was driving Justin's chromed-out Fisker Karma Tuesday, just after 6PM, when he crashed into cement poles protecting a wall at a San Fernando Valley liquor store ... damaging the poles and badly damaging the front-end of the car.

Sources tell us ... either Twist or one of his passengers told an eyewitness, "Do you know whose car this is? It's Justin Bieber's car." 

We're told a few minutes later, a BMW roared up to the parking lot and the driver told Twist and the passengers, "Get all the pieces from the car [that fell] and put it in the car [the BMW]."  After putting the Fisker parts in the BMW, the 3 men took off in the BMW, leaving the Fisker behind.

Sources say one of the 2 passengers was Chris Brown.  His reps have not confirmed or denied.

FYI -- it's a crime to leave the scene of an accident that causes injury or property damage without exchanging info with the victim -- in this case the liquor store owner.  We're told this was NOT done.

You'll recall ... Twist also caused thousands of dollars worth of damage when he bottomed out Justin's Ferrari in the Four Seasons Hotel parking lot.  And Twist was speeding in Justin's Ferrari January 1st when he was stopped by the CHP.  A photog died while taking pics of the scene.

Justin -- don't be an idiot.  Cut him off.

8:17 PM PT... Chris Brown's people just got back to us and said he wasn't in the car and wasn't even in town the day of the crash.



No Avatar


This day just keeps getting better & better! lmao

603 days ago


this is why you NEVER, EVER let someone else borrow your car. EVER! Been there and learned that the hard way.

603 days ago

Raven Gorsuch    

these dumbass punks driving cars I can't handle

603 days ago

Raven Gorsuch    


603 days ago


Maybe that's why Justin passed out in London..... He heard this idiot crashed his car!!

603 days ago


I never saw this coming. How can all of these fine upstanding citizens get in so much trouble?

603 days ago


way to go lil sizzurup

603 days ago


Haha ****en dumbass

603 days ago


How does Chris Brown have time to get in trouble every single day? And why is Justin Beiber hanging with all of these immature thugs? Somebody needs to make all of these losers accountable.

603 days ago


Its creepy how people come here to wish death upon people they dont even know. Wishing the kid breaks a rib and dies next time? Really? Justin is the one to blame in this entire thing. Anyone who feels bad for Justin needs help. He continued to let this guy use his car after numerous run ins with police. No way in hell would I let anyone use my car let alone someone that continues to get in trouble when they have it. Anyone that will crash your car and not have the balls to even stay around is someone you DON'T need to be lending your car to.

603 days ago


Ha ha ha ha ha

603 days ago


This is hilarious TMZ has to be making this up that Chris Brown was involved in this fiasco.

603 days ago


Why can,t lil twist drive his own cars? The Chevy wouldn't,t start. WTF.

603 days ago


If you can't handle driving these kinds of cars, stop buying them for the purpose of trying to be cute

603 days ago


The timing of this accident is just "TOO COINCIDENTAL". Justin Bieber collapses backstage in London then "LIL FOOL" wrecks his car. It's time for Bieber to "MAN UP" and "STOP BURNING BOTH ENDS OF THE CANDLE"!!! WITH FRIENDS LIKE THIS WHO IN THE HELL NEEDS ENEMIES!!! SUNLIGHT NEVER SWEETENS TRASH!!!

603 days ago
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