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Demi Moore

You Were a Crappy Husband

And Now You'll Pay

3/8/2013 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Demi Moore
may be rich and famous, but she's no different from millions of scorned wives seeking revenge -- and that's why she wants spousal support from Ashton Kutcher ... despite the fact that she's richer than him.

There is no way a judge would ever give Demi spousal support.  Short story ... she doesn't need it and she won't get it.   A source close to Demi tells us ... she was "really hurt" by Ashton, whom the source called a "bad husband."  The source would not use the word revenge, but the sentiment was clearly there.

That said ... multiple sources connected with the former couple tell us ... Demi and Ashton are in the midst of negotiating a financial settlement, and her lawyer knows the more Demi asks for, the better she'll do in the end.

We're told they're actually pretty close to striking a deal -- and it WON'T involve spousal support.



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Time to pay the Piper Demi. Love to see you resurrect your faded career with a remake of Sunset Boulevard.

527 days ago

Dorothy Moore    

old woman scorned ... give us a break .. let the young couple get on with their young lives .. go find someone your own age to embarrass

523 days ago


There are consequences for dating outside your own species.

522 days ago


When old people and young people hook up IT DOSE NOT last they were born in differant times. So have fun while it last ande when it is over move on.

522 days ago


RE:Dorothy Moore,your comment shows what a ass you are.He knew what he was doing,I know he is immature but he was trying to seek fame from her.My Gosh she didn't break his arm or commit underage rape.He was 26,He ended up making an ass of himself.By not being able to act,& he got caught lying & cheating.I would say he embrassed his image.People are not busting down his door for movie roles.The one he just made about Steve Jobs, got pulled indefinitely from the premerie date.he couldn't even pull off commercials for Popchips,& the ratings for 2 1/2 Men are slipping.I think he doing a whole lot of embrassed on his own.SO BAM IN YOUR FACE,YOU GROW Up YOURSELF!

514 days ago

Tim Campbell    

lol, uh gee, Demi, you are a cradle-robbing cougar who went from your ex husband to a kid, and you are surprised that he wasn't good husband material? lol

509 days ago


demi is a sad, old, drug and alcohol addict, who thinks she can stay young. . . . .kutcher played hell being married to this nut case. . . she is pathetic

506 days ago


boohoo boohoo demi!! maybe u shouldnt have cheated on bruce!!if i was bruce id be laughin my ass off right now!! ashton did 2 u what u did 2 bruce !! haha!! ur just mad cause ashton is happier without u!! dont pay her a damn thing ashton!!

504 days ago


She is absolutely right. And a demand of 10 million is still merciful ! I would do the same. 'We once loved us?' Oh honestly? Must be long ago. Just do not sentimentality! Love is one thing, money another. This is how it goes. And to be quite honest. What Ashton Kutcher has actually done in his life, to be 140 million dollars rich? I'm curious.

464 days ago


Wow, everyone that hates demi, I hope you are all married and your partner cheats on you. You all need to go through it to see what a horrible feeling it is. He took a vow which meant nothing, he also hurt her children who loved him and called him number 2 their second dad. They were a family. He has no morals and will do it again in a few years baby or no baby he gets bored and thinks he can do whatever , I give it 8. 9 years and he will be up to same ****.

76 days ago
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