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Demi Moore

You Were a Crappy Husband

And Now You'll Pay

3/8/2013 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Demi Moore
may be rich and famous, but she's no different from millions of scorned wives seeking revenge -- and that's why she wants spousal support from Ashton Kutcher ... despite the fact that she's richer than him.

There is no way a judge would ever give Demi spousal support.  Short story ... she doesn't need it and she won't get it.   A source close to Demi tells us ... she was "really hurt" by Ashton, whom the source called a "bad husband."  The source would not use the word revenge, but the sentiment was clearly there.

That said ... multiple sources connected with the former couple tell us ... Demi and Ashton are in the midst of negotiating a financial settlement, and her lawyer knows the more Demi asks for, the better she'll do in the end.

We're told they're actually pretty close to striking a deal -- and it WON'T involve spousal support.



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and your an old hag with a body that isnt even yours no man likes fake EVERYTHING

541 days ago


F*ck you Demise you bitter b*t ch!

541 days ago


I have to wonder how famous he'd be if he hadn't been associated with her. The age difference wasn't that big a thing and if their marriage didn't work out I won't blame age as to why should that matter if they're committed?

Let's not forget he was a cheater and had been doing this for a long time in their relationship; I know someone who knew them and he's always been like that.

541 days ago


oh wait...she was married to Bruce Willis,so she probably gave her a super settlement so yeh,she's probably got more buck then he does.

541 days ago


Oh wait.....forgot she was divorced from bruce Willis so he probably gave her a super settlement.

541 days ago


This hag made herself look more ugly by what she is trying to do. Maybe he was sick and tired of your drugs and drinking. She wants money from him, perhaps you should of paid him for even being with you! Grow up take your money and go! Leave his money alone!

541 days ago


Im sorry Demi what did you expect would happen when you married aboy 45 years younger than you? Thats what you get for trying to be a ”cougar” idiot

541 days ago


Oh boo hoo! You had a bad husband! Did he beat you? Beat your children? Did he not work? Did he live off of your nickel? Was he a violent drunk or druggie? Did he hurt the family pet? Oh, he cheated? Waaaaaaaah! So do a lot of men AND women GTFO it and grow up. Maybe you shouldn't have married a younger guy and turned into a pathetic, anorexic, clingy mess. He might have stayed faithful then. Now drink another Red Bull and pop another whippet you 50 yr old high school freshman.

541 days ago


LAme she has more money then him, why does she need more, is it going to make her feel better??? Probably not!

541 days ago


Jesus Christ, move on. She got her toy boy he had his couger. They had a few good years together and now it's over.

She's over 50 he's 34 it just didn't work out. He's moved on without bashing her at all. She won't. This just makes her look bitter and vindictive.

She should keep her mouth shut sign the papers and keep your dignity and self-respect.

541 days ago


Boy toy toy boy whatever. It's over.

541 days ago


Demi, or Demai, or Demeee, who gives a sh*t how to say your name, you dried op ****, go suck on a whipped cream can. Cheers to Ashton for getting away from the milf from hell.

541 days ago


Lady you're coming off as pathetic now. Divorce and move on! You have you're own money that you were making before him and you (if you clean up) will make money after. I hate spousal support. You are a weak woman

541 days ago


What does he get for staying with an old hag? I'm sorry I know cheating is wrong but could you imagine being married to her? Her entire life revolves around being super young and drugs and alcohol. She is a hot mess.

541 days ago


She started her career as a teenager sucking her way to the top. Now as a senior citizen she's still sucking but this time it's money which the bitter hag doesn't need.

541 days ago
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