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Jennifer Capriati

Arrest Warrant

Reportedly Sought

3/8/2013 4:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0308_Jennifer-Capriati_gettyJennifer Capriati may be a wanted woman ... because she may be on the receiving end of an arrest warrant after allegedly beating on her ex-BF.

The North Palm Beach Police Dept. is reportedly seeking an arrest warrant, after Jennifer -- who won 2 Australian Open and one French Open -- allegedly punched Ivan Brannan in the chest several times ... this according to Gossip Extra.

Interestingly ... Brannan was shut down after trying to get a restraining order against Capriati, claiming she called his place of work north of 100 times in a single day.

BTW ... Capriati has had a troubled past ... which includes arrests for shoplifting and possession of weed.

A lawyer for Capriati released a statement saying, "There is no arrest warrant for Jennifer Capriati. The case between Ms. Capriati and Mr. Ivan Brannan has not yet been assigned in Palm Beach County and has not been reviewed. The current facts being circulated by Mr. Brannan are an over exaggeration and the police report is one-sided in Mr. Brannan’s favor since they failed to get Ms. Capriati’s side of the story."

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No Avatar

robin hood    

she's prostituting now just like that female pro runner lady..jennifer charges 2500$ a night

557 days ago


Lock her crazy ass up! Calling anybody 100 times a day is insane. Then you put your hands on him. Keep your hands to yourself

557 days ago

William Hird    

Jen, you go girl ! Just 420 his ass !!!

557 days ago


Man abuse is a silent epidemic..its science

557 days ago

BB not bb    

Her boyfriend must be a real little punk. He sounds so jealous of her. She punched him in the chest, was he injured? Where are the injuries? If she called his work, all he had to say was that he is not taking calls at work and ignore them. He needs a restraining order for that?

This guy sounds like trouble. She shouldn't waste time on him. I wonder what her side of the story is. This guy sounds like a whiney pain with no shame or morals.

557 days ago


It's worse than this article...http://gossipextra.com/2012/11/21/jennifer-capriati-stalking-boyfriend-florida-2034/. What is she doing crashing his guarded place? Police saying stay away when she blocks his car, questions his co-workers about him. Man, TMZ could have filled out this story with more than her hitting his chest!

557 days ago


And this is more detailed...She attacked him on Valentine's Day when she just happened to see him at a gym. She attacked him and he called the police after other people witnessing the attack intervened. She flees the scene and the police. catch her and let her go. Before this, he went for a restraining order and was denied. During 2012, police were called on her 10 times for stalking him. What is everyone thinking that is siding with her? If he has done legal steps to get away from her and the police don't arrest her nor dies the judge grant the protective order, I applaud his handling of this long-standing illegal behavior without any support from law enforcement. He didn't do press. Classy guy. http://usa.online*****ia.com/news/81546-jennifer-capriati-arrest-warrant-sought.html

557 days ago

BB not bb    

Mimi, in response to your first link, it says that she sold her condo near where he is at a loss of $60...0,000 and moved back up to near Tampa where she is from. The judge denied the restraining order after she ran for her life from him.

He sounds like a real little creep. He was in a relationship with someone then claims stalking when he doesn't want her attention. I think it is all very shady.

Thee is a punch and then there is assault. She allegedly punched him in a gym with witnesses, so I don't think she was beating him up to kill. Plus, he is a star golfer, so he is an athlete also.

He is probably emotionally abusing her and then trying to make it look like she is the bad one. He sounds like a psycopath.

I hope she stay away from this evil wuss.

557 days ago


It does sound like she is a NUT (but since she is a woman= is there any that aren't) and she does not deal well with being dumped.
BUT hey Dude = fine go get a restraining order or whatever, but do NOT try to bring charges that she BEAT YOU UP. MAN UP you wimp. You won't live this one down among your buddies.

557 days ago


Florida is the armpit of America

557 days ago


Hmm!!!...If it was her ex who beat her...then it would be called abuse. I hope she get arrested for abuse. Prick. I HATE VIOLENCE.

557 days ago

Walter Darragh    

If I had my way, she would be arrested for suffocation me, and I DON'T mean with a pillow!!!

557 days ago
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