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Justin Bieber

Flips Out at Photog

'I'll Beat the F**k Out of You'

3/8/2013 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber's feeling better -- in fact, he's feeling good enough to FIGHT ... 'cause he just went after a photog in London ... and screamed, "I'LL F**KING BEAT THE F**K OUT OF YOU."

Bieber -- flanked by bodyguards -- was leaving a Central London hotel moments ago ... and in the mad scramble to his SUV, he made contact with a waiting photog.

The photog -- NOT a TMZ photog -- was clearly upset by the physical contact and immediately claimed he was assaulted. He then began to cuss out Bieber, who was already inside the waiting SUV.

But Bieber clearly heard the photog's insults ("f**k off back to America", "f**king little moron") ... 'cause the singer opened his SUV door and sprung out of the car ... trying to attack the photog.

While Bieber's bodyguard held him back, the singer screamed ... "What the f**k you say?"

The photog shot back -- "You heard what I said ... you heard what I f**king said, mate."

Bieber replied, "I'll f**king beat the f**k out of you."

Justin tried to swing at the photog, but his bouncers kept the singer at bay ... and eventually pushed him back inside the SUV.

The car left the scene without further incident.

Bieber just tweeted about the incident ... saying, "Ahhhhh! Rough morning. Trying to feel better for this show tonight but let the paps get the best of me."


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He is slipping away like all the others. Drugs, entitlement. Someone save this poor kid. Where is his mother. Why are these losers hanging around him. Bieber needs to grow up. No wonder selena hates his a$$

595 days ago


The Biebs is having a total meltdown.

595 days ago


He'll be the next Lindsay Lohan.

595 days ago


Seriously... WTF is Justin Bieber going to do... He doing acts tough cause he has his bodyguards there... Take them away & you know that he wouldn't of acted like that... If he would of acted like that with me... I would of straight up drop kick that punk bitch!

595 days ago


Looks like he is about to cry. He is as tough as Chris Brown is with body guards around. Alone, he would get spanked

595 days ago


We shouldn't judge Justin still. All we get from the media are small informations that may make the artist's personality good or bad. In short, we don't even know what happened before this. I know, there are haters, but judging him won't do any good.

595 days ago

mojo jojo from the powerpuff girls said    

I don't like Bieber but the photographer was totally asking for a fight right now. That wouldn't surprise me if he tries to sue Bieber for that.

595 days ago


**** you, Justin. YOu little bitch! someone needs to beat the **** out of that kid.

595 days ago


That photog deserves to get slapped! What a dick talking to Justin like that! Anyone would get pissed off about it. Justin is young and just needs to learn to let it go and not retaliate.

595 days ago


Apparently money makes you forget that you're really just a scrawny little bitch who's never thrown a punch in your life. Not to mention that this is coming from someone who probably had his pants around his damn knees at the time, not very efficient in a fight. Can't stand that little douche.

595 days ago


START BEING GRATEFUL? HOW CAN YOU BE GRATEFUL WHEN YOU HAVE PAPS BEING IDIOTS. AND IDIOTS LIKE ALL OF YOU HATING ON HIM. This is ridiculous hes 19, hes human, he makes mistakes. Now how about all of you go back to the whole you crawled out of, INCLUDING tmz.

595 days ago


With all the **** the British paps have been throwing at him, I don't blame him for loosing his cool. He has every right. Would you let it go if someone talked that way to you? He's been holding it in for so long and he finally lost it. Poor Justin. I feel so bad for him. And I'm proud to say I'm a belieber. He does so much good things, and beacuase of one little blow out, he gets even more hate than he needs. Y'all are pathetic.

595 days ago


And then rick ross rolls by in his rolyes rocce hahahaha

595 days ago


This is what happens when your constantly hanging out with Chris Brown.

595 days ago


LMFAO :,) the lil squeal he does when he is trying to sound rough. Hilarious!

595 days ago
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