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Justin Bieber

Fisker Repaired

Another Bud Takes Wheel

3/8/2013 10:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is a really good friend  ... because just 2 days after Lil Twist crashed the singer's ultra-expensive, chromed-out Fisker Karma, Bieber's homies were behind the wheel ... again.

TMZ broke the story ... Twist crashed the Fisker into cement poles outside an L.A. liquor store Tuesday, badly damaging the front-end ... and for bad measure he fled the scene.

But Bieber hasn't connected the dots ... because Thursday, one of his pals was back on the road in the same car, which had apparently been repaired quickly.

But hey, it's just money, right?


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Shirley Temple

556 days ago


Stupid little boys playing with toys made for men

556 days ago


So when one of these idiots gets in an accident and kills somebody, is Bieber liable for damages since it's his car and he gave them permission to drive it? Or does he pull the "it was stolen" card?

556 days ago


Wow, another story on Justine Beaver. Hey tmz....this is not someone most people are remotely interested in. His "career" will be over within 2 years. Why you keep printing stories on this azzhat is an unexplained mystery...sort of like why does any story on lindsay lohan here get 800 comments

556 days ago


Did the crash story actually happen though? Usually TMZ would have some photos, video....something. I mean you guys said it was abandoned on the scene but no pictures of the badly damaged car sitting there? Maybe your source lied and there wasn't an accident and that's why the Fiskar is "fixed" because it was never "broken"?

Who knows? Does someone else have a car just like Beibers because that was a quick fix job ?

556 days ago


It was a gift from Usher right? Obviously he doesn't give a sh i te about looking after it.

556 days ago


Somebody show us a badly damaged front end... Show the car in a body shop.. How the heck do a fix a exotic in less than 2 days.. Big money can expedite things but really..

556 days ago


i call BULL#!T! no way any car is repaired and new shinny stickers put on in less then 24 hours....

556 days ago

Charlotte Rice    

Dd you notice the bodyguard was able to push Bieber back with one arm? Dude had his wallet & a drink in his left hand. Rhaaaaa

I would take him out with one arm AND one brain hemisphere tied behind my back.

I wish he had let him go...that pap would have beaten his narrow ass like a rented mule.

That was tits. I hope he does it again & his bodyguard can't reach him in time...please God...

556 days ago


Bieber will continue to hand all his sh!t over to these idiots because he want's to be one of them. Like the kid who does the hip kids homework so they let him hang with them. Bunch of kids with too much money.

556 days ago

Joey Boots    

Justin sold his soul for street cred to thug pot smoking rappers - I am lighting a candle at church and praying a Novena to St. Joseph that he finds his way back to G*D and being the wholesome, non-threatening, Canadian that he is.

556 days ago

Cheryl A.    

What kind of idiot throws away good money for a frigging' car that is only going to DEPRECIATE over time? Not even that much time either, the way his "friends" drive.

556 days ago


Will someone pleaseeeeeeeeee take this little boy out to the wood shed..really he's like 11 yrs. old and thinks he becoming a man....things won't end well for this punk...not to young to die kid.

556 days ago


He feels he has to furnish wheels for his drug connection. Got to keep them happy. But what are they going to do when Biebs goes to rehab?

556 days ago


Why does he continue to allow these irresponsible hoodlums to drive his cars?? Ridiculous!! Be responsible JB & take care of your stuff!!

556 days ago
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