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Lindsay Lohan

Options: House Arrest

Or Risk JAIL!

3/9/2013 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0308-lindsay-lohan-make-a-dealLindsay Lohan has been cut yet another break in the criminal justice system -- prosecutors are offering house arrest to end her lying-to-cops and probation violation cases, but we're told she's NOT biting.

Multiple sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the Santa Monica City Attorney and the L.A. City Attorney have both softened their position from lockdown rehab to 90-DAY HOUSE ARREST. 

In fact, we're told Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller, is telling prosecutors Lindsay will accept a certain amount of house arrest. Right now Heller and the prosecutors are squabbling over how much house arrest. But here's the problem ... sources connected with Lindsay are telling us LiLo is adamant -- she will not accept ANY punishment.

Bottom line -- sources connected with the case tell us there's a 75% chance the case will go to trial on March 18th. If Lindsay rolls the dice and is convicted, she faces months of ACTUAL jail time.

Lindsay needs to go for door #1.


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Now now now...Andy, ease up on the Irish. I happen to be Irish, yes I'm a natural redhead still am (not Bozo the clown red) and freckles. That's God, Mom and Dad I had nothing to do with it. Should there be any jokes yes, right down to the pubic.

Classic Irish joke. What's an Irish 7 course meal? A 6 pack and a potato.

Oh, please Lohan won't party on St. Paddy's she will be too busy seeing her mystery shrink and sobering up for court.

594 days ago


Some things just never change. This was 10 years ago and Lindsay is still going downhill. That has got to be the longest hill on record.


Jun11 2007 Lindsay Lohan's Bodyguard: 'Lindsay Has a Death Wish'
By: Source
5:49am EDT
Lindsay Lohan's former bodyguard fears the troubled actress's addictions will kill her.

Lee Weaver, who was Lohan's minder for two years, has worked for a number of Hollywood stars but claims Lohan is the wildest celebrity he's ever met, even more so than former drug addict Robert Downey Jr.

Weaver tells British newspaper News of the World, "I have looked after some of the wildest stars in Hollywood--but never anyone as out of control as Lindsay. She had a total death wish and took more drugs and drank more than anyone I've met.

"I lost count of the times I thought she was overdosing and had to carry her out of parties. Every morning I'd breathe a sigh of relief when she was still alive.

"I'd never heard of her when I was asked to do the job. She was only 18 but it was a nightmare.

"I would pray every night she wouldn't kill herself on my watch. I desperately hope she stops doing drugs but fear that will only happen when she kills someone else with her reckless ways--or kills herself."

594 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


Top 10 embarrassing celebrity mums: From Dina Lohan to Jackie Stallone

594 days ago


RockArt Love? Really? Blohans are going out to a dinner to support homeless athletes?

So Ironic.

594 days ago



I found the article you were talking about. OMG the bitch was totally out of control. For those that haven't read or heard about all the crap Lindsay has pulled starting from way back here is a little taste.

Former Lindsay Lohan bodyguard Lee Weaver is writing a tell-all book about his former employer and blabbing about her being a slutty cokehead cutter to anyone who’ll listen. He tells News of the World:

“My first job was to take her to a party in Beverly Hills. As soon as [we] walked into the party she was snorting more [cocaine]. She got on the coffee table and danced, flinging her dress above her head, her eyes rolling about all over the place. I told the guy providing the drugs to stop and he just said, ‘No way, Lindsay will go berserk’. Then she started screaming at people and swinging her fists around at anyone near her. At the start of the night she seemed such a fun-loving, angelic girl but under the influence of drugs she was psychotic. It was 10.30am the next day by the time I carried her to bed.”

“In April she asked me to take her to her dealer in Beverly Hills. Suddenly she started screaming and punching him for selling her short. He pulled a gun. I got out and he threatened to shoot me unless I got her to back off — but she kept hitting him. I dragged Lindsay into the car and drove off but she was screaming at me to go back. I knew then she was just too dangerous to be around.”

And when she wasn’t snorting herself retarded or kicking coke dealers’ asses, she was on the prowl for kitty.

“She used boys for drugs and girls for thrills,” says Lee. “I lost count of the women she took back to her hotel room from clubs. I even saw her try to grope Mariah Carey’s bottom and boobs one night as they danced. One time I went to look for her in a club bathroom and found her in the corner French-kissing a girl.”

Don’t forget the cutting!

“One night I looked at her hands and wrists and noticed they had bright red wounds all over them,” says Lee. “She tried to tell me she had fallen but when I looked her in the eyes and demanded to know the truth she just broke down. She told me, ‘I don’t belong on this planet any more’. She said she cut herself because she did not think life was worth living.”

How utterly shocking. Lindsay Lohan, unscrupulous coke whore with suicidal tendencies? Surely you jest. Next, you’ll try to tell me that the Pope isn’t Catholic and that midgets don’t steal from big people every ****ing chance they get. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck yesterday, you know! It was actually a hay baler and it happened a whole month ago. You might have read about it in the paper. “Drunk Hijacks Farm Equipment from 4-H Fair, Injures Self and Several Little People.” Not to brag, but it also made the local news in Poughkeepsie

594 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Heres a close up of that pic

594 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Yup Red Crap she looks young, look at that hair line..Bwahahhahaha! Bald bitch put your wig back on

594 days ago


She could look like a cross between Kate Upton and Angelina Jolie and she'd still be a criminal waste of air.

594 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Does Ali think she's sexy?


594 days ago


Don't forget about the ever popular NyQuil that doesn't work for testing positive either.

This is Lohans last ditch pathetic bullshyt that has nothing to do with her California case. Totally seperate.

NY is still pending waiting on California. Lohan thinks California doesn't talk to NY.

4 charges in 1 day on 2 coasts in under 9 months.

Even all Lohans 'misdeamnor' probation violations add up. Her history and track record speak for themselves.

594 days ago


waiting for the story to come out about Dina and the FLamly ripping off another Charity..

594 days ago


Dina and lindsay are so broke that they are not done with Etrade..the babies that were in the commercial are now being sued for making Lindsay out to be a Milkaholic..Knowing Damn well lindsay doesnt drink Milk

594 days ago


whew!!! i won the ebay auction. i was nervous!!! someone kept bidding against me!

594 days ago

LA Native    

Everybody beware, some SPAM with a link inside was sent out by BRWs email to some of us...looks like she got hacked. DO NOT CLICK.

594 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Get your bets on peeps!!

Heller is gonna go into court with a BS list of charity events Blohan went to this past week.


594 days ago
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