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Lindsay Lohan

Options: House Arrest

Or Risk JAIL!

3/9/2013 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0308-lindsay-lohan-make-a-dealLindsay Lohan has been cut yet another break in the criminal justice system -- prosecutors are offering house arrest to end her lying-to-cops and probation violation cases, but we're told she's NOT biting.

Multiple sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the Santa Monica City Attorney and the L.A. City Attorney have both softened their position from lockdown rehab to 90-DAY HOUSE ARREST. 

In fact, we're told Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller, is telling prosecutors Lindsay will accept a certain amount of house arrest. Right now Heller and the prosecutors are squabbling over how much house arrest. But here's the problem ... sources connected with Lindsay are telling us LiLo is adamant -- she will not accept ANY punishment.

Bottom line -- sources connected with the case tell us there's a 75% chance the case will go to trial on March 18th. If Lindsay rolls the dice and is convicted, she faces months of ACTUAL jail time.

Lindsay needs to go for door #1.


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if it was anyone else they would end up in jail a long time ago.

any more anything about this "NUT" is turning into a joke.

lindsay take a chance fight the court stand up for your rights they can't tell you what to do. lol


"fight the power" lol

559 days ago


Lindsay needs to go for door #...2!!!

559 days ago


Lindsay will "accept a certain amount of house arrest". What kind of judicial system do we have that the criminal can accept or reject the terms of her punishment? Yes, your Honor. I'll accept 45 days of house arrest, but I totally reject 5 days of jail time. The mental patients are running the hospital.

559 days ago


I can't believe this rabid whore is STILL trying to dictate the terms of HER punishment. And doesn't one need a HOME to do house arrest?

559 days ago


House Arrest, Jail Arrest, Or Morgue Arrest..I dont care we just need her off the street..

she needs to be locked in a mental Ward or rehab..But her fans dont care about her well being..

559 days ago


Why would she take the deal. Every time she says no they come back with a better deal. This lame ass prosecutor will end up offering Lindsay money to go away before its all over.

559 days ago


This has gone beyond ridiculous. She now chooses her punishment? Hells bells and taco shells, what is really going on. So if no jail, Dina supervises her? Clearly THAT never worked.

559 days ago


What in the hell kind of negotiating is this on the part of the prosecutors? They're going to wind up offering to buy her a beer and pay off her taxes before this over.

559 days ago


The prosecutors in these cases are complete morons. I have no idea why they give this nasty b!tch chance after chance. The under the table hand jobs can't be that good.

559 days ago


Take the house arrest or gamble, Judges are unpredictable.

559 days ago


The other possibility is that this is TMZ heavy on Lilo-spin again attempting to force a deal that the prosecution isn't interested in offering. As though Lindsay is the one insisting on NO DEAL instead of the prosecution.

559 days ago


The thing is, House arrest does nothing for Lohan. She's done it before and a lot good that did. Lohan has done rehab before, no improvement. Lohan wore an ankle bracelet before, no improvement. Community service, no improvement. She's also been in jail for a small amount of time, no improvement. The court system has bent over backwards (or forwards) for Lohan so many times and nothing has gotten through her thick, mentally challenged skull of her's. She has a criminal mentality, a narcissistic personality, doesn't care whom she hurts to get what she wants, doesn't understand that one need not be physically addicted to have an alcohol and drug problem, refuses to seek treatment on her own, and is a general a$$hole. She needs punishment - and by that I mean the max on all counts - 1 year for lying, 6 months for obstruction, 3 months for reckless driving, 245 days for breaking her probation and if she arrives late to court - hold her in contempt and throw in another 30 days. That's over two years in jail. Of which she'll serve 25% due to overcrowding. She is the poster child for maximum sentences, that's who they were made for. Then, just maybe, she'll come out a changed woman. And yes punishment is needed in her case. She's going to kill someone one day - and whoever offered her this crackie a slap on the wrist deal is going to be partially to blame. She is a lying, thieving, face punching, assholic, criminal. Send her to Jail. No more plea bargains.

559 days ago


Its a Fake Story..Holley Tried to Get Lindsay 9 months in Rehab..and Holley is more competent then heller..But Dina and Lindsay in the Same house would be funny..the police would be busy seperating them with a would be like the "Thunderdome" from Mad Max...two Old haggard whores forced to spend time together Both being Broke as a Joke..Fcking Neck rubbers.
the reason I know its fake because an earlier story said Heller would get a Continuence until first week in April...and the prosecution in court said they never approved that..I think these stories are by Heller to help pay her legal Fees...

NO DICE Lielo Gavin is snitching on you

559 days ago


here we go again.

559 days ago


She is so convinced the legal system will forgive her again just like it has in the past. She doesn't believe there are consequences to her actions.

559 days ago
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