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Nick Cannon

Mariah Won't Spank the Kids


3/9/2013 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0309_cannon_videoNick Cannon plans on instituting a good cop/bad cop parenting strategy with wife Mariah Carey when it comes to his children ... and he sounds downright excited to be doing the dirty work!

Cannon made headlines this week when he told Us Weekly that he has his "belt out already" in preparation for the inevitable "terrible twos" his twins will soon inflict upon him and Mariah. 

Last night in Hollywood, Cannon told our photog he plans on being just as hard on his son as he is daughter (though his daughter will find it hard to date) and says Mariah "doesn't need" to handle the corporal punishment ... because "that's what daddies are for!"

Get ready for some tough love.


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I disagree a lot of people think the belt, and extension cord, and the fist works with kids, learn to use the mouth and stop acting like a kid around your children. They repeat everything they see you do, if you hit a kid they are going to grow up and hit someone else.

537 days ago


He's an idiot

537 days ago


Maybe if more people cared enough to spank their kids once in a while, you would not have so many kids who have this entitlement attitude. It's not beating your kids, it's punishing them, it's a lesson they need to learn the hard way, and it's better to spank than let your kids run you over and run wild on the streets, or get put in jail because they didn't learn lessons from home.

537 days ago


Not a fan of the belt, but I'm not seeing the issue with spankings. Even more so, everyone has different parenting styles and as long as there's not abuse (which again, is far different from a pop on the rear) then it's probably better that you save your judgement and worry about your own children.

537 days ago


My father spanked in twice in my entire life. I remember both times and was so embarassed. My mother was always swatting at me so it meant nothing. I loved them both . They raised me as best as they knew how and I'm grateful.

537 days ago


I don't know what some of y'all are talking about. I got my butt tore up when I was bad as a child and as a result I respect my parents, I have no criminal record or history, I am respectful to others and their property, all because my parents taught me to associate bad behavior with a punishment that I didn't want a second helping of. They always talked to me about what was expected of me and when I forgot the the lessons they taught me with words they reminded me with a belt and that was def easier to remember. And my mom is a good person who would die for me, my father may he rest in peace was the most respectable man I ever knew.

537 days ago


Wo cares. Those kids belong to them .. Mind your business..

537 days ago


The consequences of not disciplining a child is that the government right away medication ! There are innocent children who are not even ADHD and all they need is love and discipline and they don't get that. God said in proverbs 29:15 to discipline a child. He who doesn't do that is an embarrassment to their parents.

537 days ago


I agree with some people that a belt does work in certain situations. However, some people need to realize that come 13/14 years of age, that belt no longer works. They develop an attitude and most of the time, may resent you for it. Try hitting a 15 year old teenager whose taller than you with a belt. Not going to happen. The issue with some people is that they discipline without installing proper values, boundaries, and lessons within the child. They do so just to release their anger and fail to properly explain things to the child. That is the wrong way to go about it as they are relying on the belt to raise their child. My mother never hit me simply because she used to get hit as a child and vowed never to do that to her own children. I, personally, respected her more for not hitting me as it takes A LOT of self restraint to deal with an unruly teenager without jumping over the table and strangling them lol. I feel like as long as someone is disciplining in the right mindset, and not abusing their child, then let it be. It's their child. Not yours.

537 days ago



537 days ago


Reading these comments shows me exactly why this world is so f***ed up. People, you do NOT need to hit a child to get them to behave. Millions of people around the world--and right here in the U.S.-- have raised happy, healthy, well-behaved children without ever spanking them. I've done it. All of my friends have done it. Read some books, take some parenting classes. Watch Nanny 911 for chrissake! There are plenty of ways to teach a child to do what they're supposed to without hitting them. If you think time outs don't work, it's because you don't know how to do them right.

537 days ago


Omg! I really don't think he seriously means he's gonna use his belt on his 2-year-olds. Spankings, if given sparingly and non-abusively, do NOT really harm kids. Maybe their butt for a few minutes, but not emotionally. It teaches them structure and discipline. Get over it.

537 days ago


A belt for a 2 year old? This guy is an unbelievable fool. Why would you even want to do that to someone you love? There are much better ways to teach and correct your children.

537 days ago


A kid who didn't get spankings- Justin Bieber.

I don't see anything wrong with disciplining your kids. Frankly if more kids were spanked maybe we wouldn't live in a world full of rude, obnoxious teenagers who disrespect others and can't peel their eyes away from their cell phones. Today's youth is much so that SPANKING is now a news story and people are acting like it's abuse.Jesus.

537 days ago


I got plenty (whoopins, spankings, pops, switches of trees to my ass, oh yea and extension cord) it's not bad, I bet I don't talk back to my mom, grandma or aunts etc. I always say yes ma'am no ma'am, yes sir no sir. I learned that respect from getting my ass whooped. I love my mom and I'm not angry, I'm young successful and happy. Whooping and abuse are different. If you beating your kids for your own personal enjoyment, that's wrong and a child WILL know. But if they black/white/Mexican/European ASS do something wrong, hell to pay LOL

537 days ago
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