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Kris Humphries' Family

Kim K Should Admit ...

Marriage Was a 'Sham'

3/10/2013 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kris Humphries
' relatives have a major bone to pick with Kim Kardashian ... claiming Kim K's 72-day-marriage to the NBA star was nothing but a "sham" and it's about damn time she fess up to it.

Kris' aunt Dedria -- who attended K & K's wedding back in 2011 -- is adamant Kim duped her nephew into tying the knot as a ploy to boost ratings for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," telling The UK Sun, "[The wedding] was a sham."

Not only that, Dedria says Kim needs to own up to her fraud so Kris can get the annulment he desires, explaining, "An annulment says it wasn’t valid in the first place. She should admit that it was a sham at the very least.”

As TMZ previously reported, Kim wants a simple divorce, but Kris is hell-bent on fighting for an annulment ... claiming he was defrauded, which could render any pre-nup illegitimate and free the NBA'er from his confidentiality clause.

That said, Kris' Uncle Mike believes his nephew's legal battle is motivated by revenge, telling the paper, "I believe he wants payback."

A trial is set to begin May 6.

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No Avatar


And his should admit that he is an NBA bust!!

592 days ago


Yes if she wants this to be gone than she needs to admit the truth.

592 days ago


The K.s are a family of reprobates. Granted, they come wrapped in a pretty package. But looks are deceptive. They have no conscience, no accountability, no morals & no boundaries of proper behavior.

592 days ago


I have to laugh because every time iI don't agree with the haters I'm accused of either being Kim or one of her friends or family. Do you fools seriously think she is going to respond to these fabrications. I wish I was Kim because she's probably somewhere very nice and far away from the haters like you guys and Kris and his family who reek of desperation. Hey maybe you haters are Kris Humphries.

592 days ago


I hope Chris wins, honestly, I really really REALLY do. She'll have to pay him out the ass AND he can rake it in by exposing those Kardashian hussies dirty little secrets. Now THAT will make great reality television. I hate the Kardiashian's with a passion! Stop watching their **** and buying their crap!

592 days ago


Kanyes career going bye bye cause of the KKK Klan!!

592 days ago


Kim was telling everyone to watch her show the night before it aired. It was a sham. She even told people she didn't want to go though her wedding. But felt she had to becuz she was going to let everyone down. Come on Kim people call off there wedding all the time. U just wanted the pay check

592 days ago


Actually, TMZ, you need to get your facts straight. Kris Humphries wants a simple annulment, Kimmykakes is "HELL BENT" on a divorce.

592 days ago


Really ? Oh, I'm shocked that Kim would do something for ratings. No, sorry, that is all she does. Hope she doesn't get away with it anymore. What a piece of trash.

592 days ago


Is Kim K. even pregnant?? I have yet to see any proof. TMZ certainly doesn't provide any current photos. She is a great (?) actress after all~ scams & hoaxes etc.

592 days ago


Of course it was a sham orchestrated by mommie dearest for ratings = more money. Of course he wants revenge, they edited the show to make him look bad as an explanation for divorcing him. If and only if, I don't think it will happend he gets the annulment for fraud they will all have to return the money to the sponsors and we are talking about Ryan S, Enetworks, the Kardash all of them, and Kris H but it will be very difficult for him to prove it has he did not get the uncut tapes from E. It makes one wonder why they are refusing to provide these tapes....what in them??? Ah well at least we will know that for once it will be REAL REALITY, not scripted, not edited, not photoshopped etc. What a change! Can't wait for the trial and hopefully it will be on tv just like OJ!!!!!!! what a turn of event!!! MB

592 days ago


Kim, you're probably reading this; do what's right for the baby and end this through annulment NOW. To continue to hold out for a divorce (rather than annulment) makes you seem prideful and greedy. Heed my wisdom: the love of money is the root of all evil and pride cometh before the fall. Be warned, Kim.

592 days ago

Treasure Beach Jamaica    

While I think she commited fraud I aslo think Kris was stupid, him being a normal guy I just didn''t see him fitting in to her world. All these reality shows are madeup crap, how can it be reality if people is telling u what to do. he feels used and he is right he was, thats what they do. Annulment I say!

592 days ago


I hope Kris can at one point expose this family for what it truly is - greedy liars. Pimpmama would sell her own mother for a buck; surprised she hasn't!

592 days ago


I hope Kris gets the annulment! Of course it was a fraud but then again that's what he got for marrying a dirt bag like Kim. These athletes should just go and find normal girls to date and marry. Just because girls are not famous doesn't mean they are not good enough, pretty or intelligent or anything good. He was an idiot for marrying her.

592 days ago
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