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Brandi Glanville

Post HPV Hotness!

3/11/2013 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville frolicked in a bikini on the beach the other day ... proving she can still bring the heat, even after suffering from human papillomavirus (HPV).

In her new memoir, Brandi revealed she had HPV during her marriage to Eddie Cibrian ... and publicly claimed that HE was the one who gave it to her.  So far, Eddie has been mum on the allegation. 

In recent interviews, Brandi claimed she is now HPV-free ... but we still gotta ask ...


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Az Heat    

She could play with my blue ball anytime! She is kinda damn hot!

555 days ago

buzz kill    

Hey guys maybe we should all just zip up and date ourselves. Leave all these disease ridden skanks to themselves. With any luck the next generation of ho's will be clean.

555 days ago


Most sexually active people get exposed to HPV at some point. Generally the immune system deals with it. But some strains can cause cancer. There is the vaccine for it now for those under 26.

555 days ago


She can blame whoever she wants but she could have contracted that prior to being with him. There's no way to prove that. Regardless she should keep her **** private. No one want to know what STD she has and where she thinks she got it from.

555 days ago


LIAR! There is no cure for HPV. Getting warts burned off is not a cure, someone needs to tell her they will grow back. HPV is for life.

555 days ago


The really frightening reality here, is that 39% of the people who responded to this survey would still have sex with this woman, fully aware that she is diseased. And not all of these people are smart enough to wear condoms. Some people just don't care. Yuck.

555 days ago


Girlfriend is HAWT, regardless that she seems desperate for attention playing with a ball by herself on the beach...damn Eddie what were you thinking???? Leanne looks like a boy!

555 days ago

Made it Past 27    

who is this person? what is she famous for beside writing about her genital warts?

555 days ago


genital warts ewwww

555 days ago


Please take this down. Its missleading. She came clean on something that may help thosand of people out there. You are targeting her as "untouchable" for carrying a virus that 75% of the population has. The only way to avoid is not having sex at all, as the vaccine doesnt work agaisnt every single strain. This is horrible. Wanna stay clear of HPV??? keep a healthy inmune system and do your check ups.
Would you be running this piece if she had HIV? no. Cause that wouldnt be socially accepted. Right??? please take this down.

555 days ago


Up to 80% of the population are infected with HPV, get over it.

555 days ago


The mental midgets that are throwing out factoids are drinking too much bathwater. Took STD Biology in college and latent viruses go dormant and store in the spine and other areas. They can reactivate at any time. You are NEVER cured, your immune system does not clean it from your body. Its similar to herpes, its always there.

555 days ago


You can't "get rid" of HPV. It's not herpes...that's HSV. 1/3 people have HPV and most are not aware of it because there's no way to test for it unless there is the appearance of gentital warts. HPV is the cause of cervical cancer. I absolutely love TMZ, but this report lacks educations and promotes ignorance. Disappointed. :(

555 days ago


i bet u more than half of TMZ employees have HPV

555 days ago

Peter Popoff    

Can I get it if I let her suck my Balls?

555 days ago
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