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Brandi Glanville

Post HPV Hotness!

3/11/2013 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville frolicked in a bikini on the beach the other day ... proving she can still bring the heat, even after suffering from human papillomavirus (HPV).

In her new memoir, Brandi revealed she had HPV during her marriage to Eddie Cibrian ... and publicly claimed that HE was the one who gave it to her.  So far, Eddie has been mum on the allegation. 

In recent interviews, Brandi claimed she is now HPV-free ... but we still gotta ask ...


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Hey Gerard paying attention to this now??

592 days ago


She's hot but why was this beach thing staged? Was she poking fun at the attention wh@re Leanne?

591 days ago


This is for Kristie, Nostradamus, and the other person that has nothing better to do than follow me around TMZ.. This is from the Government, guys. Please educate yourself before telling others wrong information. In the Q and A of this link, under " can HPV be cured?" It says the truth. Some virus go away on its own. This is from the government. Please stop already. You have nothing better to do than follow me around tmz, so why don't you read this and leave me alone already. Thanks:

591 days ago


Shingles at 50.

591 days ago


There is no cure for a viral infection, HOWEVER, our bodies DO have mechanisms to fight viruses, how do you think we fight off a cold/flu? Our bodies are amazing that way. If a virus remains dormant, your fine. Do you have any idea how many microbes remain dormant in our bodies? About 90% of us have been exposed to Herpes simplex 1 which causes coldsores on th mouth but only a few of us show symptoms. Its because our body keeps that virus in check. A functioning immune system will keep anything that means harm to us in check. HPV has 100's of strains! This is a complicated virus, even with doing some research it's still confusing. Just be aware we all carry several opportunistic pathogens that our immune system keeps in check.

591 days ago


Im sorry but i have HPV and it doesn't just 'go away'. There is no cure. And it can lay dormant for years without showing up positive. I didnt test positive till i became pregnant. Its the most common HPV, i bet if she broke her big toe she would say it was because of eddie. Stop playing the victim sweetheart, no one feels sorry for you.

591 days ago


By 2030 everyone in America will have HPV. It is not curable. Most sexually active people today have it. This is a non issue.

591 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

I have no idea who this person in a bikini for a nine-year-old is but the people in the comments fighting about their STD statuses are funny. Carry on!

591 days ago


I know she's reading these because she submitted the pics to TMZ - after her CONSTANT complaints about LeeAnn doing the same.

What I see in the pics is a woman desperate for attention. Like most of the housewives, nothing about her is real, except for her legs, which look like that of a 65 year old woman.
The huge cheekbone implant effect her smile. You can barely see her porcelain veneered teeth. The blond hair with the black eyes and eyeliner age her even more. Her nose job is just awful so she should keep her pie hole shut about the other HW!s crappy surgeries.
Truth be told, she's not sexy or pretty. LeAnn is actually better looking although her body looks like that if a 60 year old woman as well. For some inexplicable reason, they both worship that smarmy gigiolo Fast Eddie Cibrian and starve themselves to please him. Brandi will NEVER get over him and move on with her life. She's jealous that he's with a woman who has talent and her own money.

Brandi insults people because its the only way she can make a name for herself. She's a total bore without the constant ragging on everyone. She seems to be a very lonely, unhappy and bitter woman.
Next time leave the beach ball at home Brandi. You look totally F'ing ridiculous. For once start acting as old as you look!

591 days ago



591 days ago


I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anyone, celebrity or otherwise, would talk about the STDs they've contracted over the years.

591 days ago


wow, you all need to do yer research on HPV. majority of you all probably have it! MOST sexually active people will end up getting it, you just never know it! it doesn't always show symptoms!

591 days ago


She's such a trampy douche.

591 days ago


HPV is not curable

591 days ago


"Oh', I'm just out here on a baron beach playing with a huge beach ball BY MYSELF! Oh', is that a camera? I'll walk away. No, wait, I'll bend over. No, wait, I'll look at it and smile". Nice body, obviously, but the attention monger side of her gags me.

591 days ago
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