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Justin Bieber

Cancels Concert

Because of Empty Seats

3/11/2013 6:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Bieber cancelled his Portugal concert Tuesday -- not because he's sick, not because he's melting down -- because ticket sales were "soft" and it felt like the right thing to do. Just tell that to the fans who are getting stood up.

Sources connected to Justin have confirmed ... it was a "business decision" that triggered the cancellation. Our sources say ticket sales were still "good ... more than 60%" ... just not good enough.

It's pretty common for lesser artists to bail when sales are bad, but unusual for singers on Justin's level.


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I sure hope he invested and saved lots!! The news of Beiber in recent weeks suggests he is heading downhill, ie no longer relevant..and as he gets older, his fan base- teenaged girls will move on to more aspiring men, who look and act like men!! Selena Gomez made the right decision parting ways. Even Beibers mom seem to be focussing on her own gigs let beiber go, his friends are busy driving (and crashing) his fleet of cars- if you ask me, he got too much, too soon.

562 days ago

David Sauers    

Earlier I wrote, "Justin...who?" But to be truthful I hope his handlers and the people he's surrounded himself with are honest enough to tell him to be ready; fame comes and goes... so he like the countless of others before him; doesn't crash and burn.

562 days ago


Finally!!! The beginning of the end of this punk!!!

562 days ago

Mr. Grimm    

See Justin it is factual that sooner or later that 13 year old girl will grow up and stop listening. Just like when I was a 13 year old boy I supported ICP but as I got older I came to my senses and realized this is not music. Hahaha you are finished buddy enjoy the money you made now because nobody is going to take you seriously as an artist. Not a very smart move to cancel a show when you are losing more and more fans every day. I am glad though because just like Axel Rose everybody will start to despise you.

562 days ago


He's finished poor kid I don't feel bad he's probably on drug

562 days ago


FYI the concert was sold out. Logistically to break down a staging set and to transport it 390 miles, and stage it for the next day is border line. I can only speculate that the Bieb's party did not want the same repercussion as the London March 4th concert. Also for public safety there are certifications by the local authorizes that must be approved before the show. If you remember; one of his venues caught on fire because of fireworks.

562 days ago


That's Cause He's An A--!!

562 days ago


Tmz are you copying off me and others. We said at the first thread. And I think you knew this then but wanted speculation to swirl.

562 days ago


Do your thang JB!!!

562 days ago


TMZ report the facts!!! He sold out the first show and scheduled a 2nd - the way you word this you make it sound like he didnt perform at all!
Lesser artists??? Thats pathetic...just like you want to show him losing his **** but you failed to tell the public what the paps were yelling...FACTS TMZ...facts!

562 days ago


Justin, even if only one person showed up to see you, that's one person supporting your craft, and one person now very disappointed. You could have made your fans' day, but you chose to ignore them in favour of money.
Shame on you.

562 days ago


Kar u taken it hard huh lol

562 days ago


UGH...cancelling a show because it wasn't sold out??? Did his inflated ego take a hit and his feelings were hurt? Gimme a break! I guess after being rightly booed the other night when he was 2 hours late took its toll on this punk-ass and made him crawl away like the little bitch that he is.

562 days ago


go sing on a subway and ask people for change. piece of ****.

562 days ago


I suspected this may be the case. Whatever happened to Justin loving his fans so much? I don't care if it's only 1/2 full - there will be last minute ticket sales ... as long as it doesn't cost him or the venue money, he should do it for the fans he does have. Bad decision IMO.

562 days ago
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