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Shauna Sand to Lorenzo Lamas

I Put a Price on Your Life ...


3/11/2013 10:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out familiarity isn't the only thing that breeds contempt ... so does not paying child support, because Shauna Sand wants Lorenzo Lamas cited for contempt of court for allegedly falling WAY behind, and also failing to maintain a million-dollar policy on his life.

Shauna claims Lorenzo is behind a total of $42,772.66 in support for their 3 daughters. She claims he's also failed to pay the $1,778 health insurance premiums for the kids.

And this is interesting ... a judge ordered Lorenzo to take out a $1 million life insurance policy for the benefit of the kids, and Shauna claims it doesn't exist.

Gives new meaning to "wanted, dead or alive."


No Avatar


You Can't blame her it cost a lot of money keeping her in the lifestyle she is accustomed to. It Cost money to buy the Stripper Shoes and Cheap Lingerie she has to wear to make her Porn Videos and do her stripper performances.

590 days ago


Wow, she put a song out last year called "Everyone wants to be a porn star" and she's raising three daughters? Dear God, a useless **** for a father and a mother that sets such a wonderful example of womanhood (rolls eyes).

590 days ago


Hate dead beat dads. Hate them. I will say to Shauna after the first time my daughter took her sick baby to doctor and was informed no health insurance, she immediately got her kids' insurance herself in spite of divorce papers that said the ex had to carry the kids' insurance but she could not trust their father to take care of business or pay child support on time. She also worked hard to buy a home, cloth her kids and pay for the zillion things that having kids entails. That's real life. When child support showed up, it as for extras or banked for co-pays etc. Shauna take care of your kids and hopefully the courts will take care of their father. But don't hold your breath. And if you released this story, shame. Your kids don't need that.

590 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

Note to Lorenzo.. That reality show you & your family had a few years back was the stupid*st thing I've ever seen in TV..waka waka wakaa

590 days ago


She is only asking that the court order to be enforced .. Nothing more .. He helped make those 3 kids so he should help support them willingly without being forced .. When a man is made support his kids in any shape or form it speaks volumes about their character.

590 days ago


Exactly MsRichards. The court decided this is what he needed to do to support the childen he created and he should do it willingly.

590 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Marriage is the only WAR where you sleep with the ENEMY.

590 days ago


I can understand the policy thing. To raise 3 kids into adulthood isn't cheap. Judge wanted to make sure they were taken care of in case something happened to him. If he's not making what he was before when the c/s was ordered by the court he can go back to court & have it lowered. All that said I wouldn't bother to guess why this gal married him...

590 days ago


Regardless of how much plastic surgery she has,if he's supposed to be paying child support/health insurance and was supposed to take a life insurance policy out on himself with his children as beneficiaries and didn't I hope they throw his rearend in prison! Digusting deadbeat,has lots of children and lots of ex wives!

590 days ago


Loranzo just did a show on Spike TV called "The Joe Schmoe Show" Guess that paycheck will goto botox and pain killers.

590 days ago


She's scary.

590 days ago


This happens when you marry for looks and looks alone.
Not sure which of them is more shallow.
Loved Lorenzo on the Joe Schmo show though!

589 days ago


Didn't realize Shauna Sand was a guy in drag till I saw this photo.

589 days ago


Does she work or is she living off of child support?

589 days ago


I guess Mr. Lamas will be on the next season of Dances with the stars.
Shauna is one of the least desirable woman, let alone human beings, on this planet. She was probably hot before all the surgery though.

589 days ago
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