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Cyborg Santos

Ronda Rousey Is

AFRAID to Fight Me!!!

3/12/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0311_cyborg_santos_ronda_rousey_gettyUFC female arm-breaker Ronda Rousey is a scared little girl who's doing everything she can to "HIDE" from a showdown with her sworn MMA enemy Cris "Cyborg" Santos ... this according to the Cyborg. 

Rousey and Cyborg have been smack-talking each other for months ... with Rousey recently calling Cyborg a "fraud" ... and saying her failed drug tests in 2011 "nearly killed women's MMA."

Now, Cyborg is striking back ... telling TMZ, "Fraud? I’m not the one that hides behind a weight class that she knows I can’t make."

FYI -- Rousey has made it clear ... the only way she will fight the 145-pound Santos is if Cyborg drops down to the 135 lb weight class -- where Ronda currently reigns supreme.

Cyborg's response? "Meet me at 140 lbs" ... adding, "Then ask her if I’m a fraud after I knock her ass out!”

Cyborg  -- who'll get in the ring for the Invicta Fighting Championships on April 5 -- says Rousey's ultimatum is the move of a coward:

"Obviously she knows that she can’t compete with me – take the time, maybe [Ronda] will get good enough and gain some confidence."

"Until then … I am the best and do not want to talk about hypotheticals.  I fight in Invicta and I’m proud to be helping save women's MMA!"


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No Avatar


I like Rhonda's comment about Cyborg being artificially beefed up on too many steroids to make 135. That said, all Rousey's MMA fights up until March 3, 2012 were at the 145 weight class.

554 days ago


You wanna stay at 145lbs. sugar? Then you don't fight the champ.

554 days ago


Don't care whether they fight or not, I don't even know who they are. That said if one uses roids I wouldn't want to fight her either. Also, this is a boring story.

554 days ago

Jerry DiDomenico    

Ronda has the title, and is perfectly willing to defend it. If Christine can prove she's off the juice, and meet the weight requirement, then she should do so. If not, she should button her lip.

554 days ago


You could've said which one is who smh tmz

554 days ago


Bousido Jo is the only true fight fan I've read 0n this thread. Anyone that knows anything knows that Cyborg would destroy Rhonda. Rhonda is being over hyped simply for for looks and marketability. Stop believing the hype and watch some tape.

554 days ago


Cyborg could easily make weight is she stopped cheating and using roids. In fact, the only way she should ever be allowed to fight in the UFC is if she successfully passes random steroid tests for 2 years minimum, in order to fully negate the ILLEGAL advantage she has due to her abuse of PEDs. Of course Cyborg would never do that, because without the drugs her cheating ass would never win a fight.

554 days ago


What is the point of having a catchweight bout? There is only one wmma division in the UFC. If they have the fight at 140 lbs. it will not be a fight for the belt. So win or lose Rhonda would stay the champ. That does nothing to grow women's mma. There has only been one match with women in the UFC, if it wasn't brand new to the UFC you could possibly make an argument for a catchweight fight. At this point it's 135 or nothing for Santos. There is far too many people on tmz commenting on something they have zero knowledge about.

554 days ago


Check her for a penis. 'Rhoid-raging freak.

554 days ago


If Ronda is scared, why did Cyborg break her UFC contract (where she could have fought Ronda) to go to Invicta (where she can't fight Ronda). Weird, right? :|

553 days ago


Maybe if the dude quit taking roids she could make the weight. Men with more muscular bodies than Santos has can make the weight, why can't she? Also, she came in overweight at the higher weight class as well. She just wants the advantage of not having to cut the way her opponents do.

551 days ago


Hey, cyroid - lying cheater - i know you and your lying ass manager hate when facts of truth get in the way, but need i remind you that she was more than ready to whip your ass and break your arms when you and your lying ass manager bolted the UFC rather than fight her! Now, i know you two liars consistently lied to the entire mma world, telling everybody that you couldn't fight at that weight because it would damage your ability to have children, (what a crock!), but then, about 6 months after you bolted the ufc, the truth came out. The weight had nothing to do with it. You and your lying ass manager bolted from the fight because you wanted the same money and marquee ronda was going to get for that fight.

You are a lying cheater! You have ZERO credibility!!!!! You are the one that ran from a fight with ronda!!!!! And now you try to distort the truth again.

In my opinion, you and your lying manager are a fungus on the mma world! It's a shame invicta picked you up, (that won't last long either), because the entire mma world would be much better if both of you liars faded into oblivion!

409 days ago


Ronda has fought at 145 before. She is a coward. She knows Cyborg would kill her. End of story. People who think Ronda would win have never seen Cyborg fight. There is no comparison. Ronda is not on her level.

246 days ago
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