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Pope Francis

Is He Ready for Rodman?

3/13/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Pope Francis was elected just a few hours after Dennis Rodman touched down in Vatican City. Coincidence? Should His Eminence invite Rodman over for the sit-down the ex-hoops star has been begging to get? We've got the Worm, live from Rome!

Plus, Michael Moore thinks crime scene photos of the murdered Sandy Hook students would shock the world, and finally end the debate on assault rifles. Is he nuts ... or genius?

And, pour a little liquor out for Justin Bieber's abandoned pet hamster -- Pac is dead!! The 18-year-old chick JB basically forced to adopt Pac ... calls in to explain what went wrong.

(0:00) Dennis Rodman is in Rome -- and calls in to explain how he plans on meeting the Pope. Sounds crazy ... but he DID manage to shoot the breeze with Kim Jong Un.
(6:00) Lance Armstrong -- still not afraid of the spotlight.
(9:00) Michael Moore says people should be able to see photos of children murdered at Sandy Hook -- because that would end war on guns once and for all.
(15:00) Judge Judy's silverware battle rages on.
(18:00) Justin Bieber's hamster -- the one he gave to a fan -- has died. We talk to the grief-stricken teen about her tiny loss.
(23:00) The celebrity hackers add more major players to the list.
(27:00) Nicole Scherzinger says she should have slutted it up some more ... because it would've landed her a Grammy. One of her former Pussycat Dolls band mates -- Jessica Sutta -- calls in to dispute it.
(31:00) Kris Humphries made a HUGE mistake in his divorce with Kim Kardashian.
(33:00) Gwyneth Paltrow has her kids on a crazy strict diet -- famed nutritionist Harley Pasternak calls in to tell us what's REALLY good for you.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth -- broken up?

No Avatar


Dumbazzes. Beiber's hamster is dead. Go do a google will you. Hamsters only live for about two years. I'm sure that hamster lived the full two years, dumbazzes.

587 days ago


The only thing I want to hear about Micheal Moore is that he "WANTS" a full frontal lobotomy.

587 days ago


There's a new pope? When did that news come out?ha

587 days ago


My stance on the new Pope. Meh, the Catholic people are looking to the new Pope for changes. He's anti-abortion which means he's against birth control. Why doesn't someone explain to the Vatican that if Birth Control is used, you won't need to be anti-abortion. Birth Control can stop unwanted pregnancies. I'm also sure that Harvey is going to bring up the fact this guy is also against Gay anything. I wonder if they'll pass a ruling that women are no longer good for two things. Pffftttt.

587 days ago


I love how new Pope get chosen and Liberal Hollywood goes straight to gay marriage and abortion debate, It's their beliefs.....Deal with it!

587 days ago


The show looks boring.

587 days ago


What happened in the lineup, Harvey and KMZ? I thought for sure you would have kimmykakes up front and center and trash Hump again. Aw, did you all get scared because NOT ONE PERSON agrees with your biased fcuking reporting? How long before you azzholes pull your heads out of the Karstoogian's collective rear end and actually breath clean air and see the light of day?

587 days ago


Someone leave a note for the celebrity hackers and find out how much TMZ is making off the Karstoogian gravy train. It's going to be very soon that the gravy train derails and crashes.

587 days ago


Oh look, Rodman borrowed Crusty the Clown's jacket.

587 days ago


Dennis Rodman, breaking bread and drinking the BLOOD OF CHRIST.

587 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Why would the Pope want to listen to a bisexual basketball player?

587 days ago


Why is Rodman still here? I thought he was moving to North Korea? Or was that just my wish?

Anyway, he gots to go!

587 days ago


I don't think the Pope is going to annoint Rodman, St. Worm anytime soon. If anything they'll see him coming and think Satan manages to get out of hell.

587 days ago


Yeah, Dennis, what do you think of the fact the new Pope is opposed to gay marriage, just like virtually every society in the history of the world has been?

587 days ago


Of course I have a feeling if somebody wanted to post a picture of a kid killed by a pit bull Harvey would be against it. It has the same logic as the gun debate. It is only for emotion not to further logical conversation.

587 days ago
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