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Chris Isaak Sued

Roadies Allegedly

Out of Control

3/14/2013 6:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Chris Isaak's roadies lambasted the handful of women who worked on the singer's tour, calling one a bitch and a c**t, and hurling shocking homophobic slurs at a male roadie ... this according to allegations in a new lawsuit.

Lane Hirsch -- who worked on Chris' tour for 17 years as a lighting designer and technician -- claims in his suit ... he was fired after repeatedly complaining to Isaak and others that the 2 female roadies were treated horribly and he was on the receiving end of crude anti-gay comments.

Hirsch says after he complained that one of the roadies was abusive, a number of his colleagues went after him with a vengeance, calling him a "f*g" and a "little girl." He claims crew members would say, "blow me," and "suck my d**k you little f*g."

Hirsch also complained of choking on marijuana smoke but no one took him seriously.

According to the lawsuit, Isaak -- who is a defendant along with others on his crew -- knew full well what was going on but did nothing.

Hirsch says he was unceremoniously fired without notice. He's suing for wrongful termination, defamation and discrimination.


No Avatar


the way he bitched i would swear he was a ***.because they seem to do a lot of that lately

589 days ago


I bet he'll next claim he slept with John Travolta and John owes him also. Whiners suck.

589 days ago


I guess this plaintiff never learned: You just can't always be suing people. Sometimes you just have to suck it up, and take it like a man.

589 days ago


That pictures looks like a young Mel Gibson.

589 days ago


Chris Isaak smokes weed cool

589 days ago

Dom The Mover    

God, he would have never lasted a day in Construction, he dont know abuse, from what I heard thats mild...

589 days ago


And how exactly could someone who supposedly worked with lighting crews for 17 years not know that it's the production company that is responsible and not the artist? If he was called a little girl, they were probably right on the money. I just can't imagine who would have such a whiner on their crew for so long. Aren't that many lighting companies around in the game, he probably has a bad reputation and is looking for a big payoff since he sounds unemployable in his chosen field.

589 days ago


Hirsch is digging for $... thats it. Ive been in the music industry for over 20 years and every road crew is full of cruel, colorfull jokes, if you are in the room, you will be victimized, all in good fun, its part of being a road crew.

589 days ago


As usual, some people believe that they are always supposed to be treated special no matter where they are. So what if someone made a joke at your expense? Grow up already.

589 days ago


What a horrible story of bullying and name calling.

Hopefully Fruitcup gets whats coming to him.

589 days ago


The man is getting sued because his roadies used cuss words? This country has gone to ****.

589 days ago


There is a pic of Hirsch here

589 days ago

BB not bb    

This sounds like a bad bunch to be around. The termination was a blessing in disguise. Who wants to associate with people who are bullies and mean and demeaning to the people they work with? It seems like the boss is on their side, so why support him with your loyalty either?

The homosexual tried and tried to get some justice and order, but the boss refused to listen. That sounds like a whole bunch who are up to no good.

589 days ago


Good!! I HOPE HE WINS!! Go Lane!! Re: Below Comment - It's SAD that people like TGRFAN is so SICK and DEMENTED that he/she would make a comment like that! What IGNORANCE and TWISTEDNESS!!

589 days ago


Chris Issak is a STOCKTON...Ghettttto.. But hes OOO so fine. Will make your pants wet with his singing!

589 days ago
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