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Justin Bieber

I'm So Damn Successful ...

Not a Loser Like Lindsay

3/14/2013 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber has just become hateable -- he's just gone on a rant trashing people in financial straits as losers ... aka Lindsay Lohan.

Bieber's tirade was posted on Instagram ... where he touted how great he is ... "It must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning [for me]. I know my talent level ..."

Justin then delivered the douchiest comment since Brandon Davis' rant against Lindsay. Justin says, "... to those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan look at her 2012 tax statements ;)"

Translation -- Lindsay's a loser because she doesn't have any money and he does so he's better than her.


Justin goes on to say he doesn't think he deserves negative press and pooh-poohs stories claiming he's going to rehab.

BTW ... Bieber just deleted his rant.

UPDATE:  8:48 AM PDT:  Bieber just re-posted, but he deleted the reference to Lindsay.


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Pride goes before a fall.

587 days ago


Hes doing cocáine so it'll make him act erratic that's why Selena left his ass, also I've been at a party and JB was injecting hèroine in his left arm he was w lil twist

587 days ago


Are you kidding me? I can almost guarantee 90% of the people commenting on this calling this kid as ******* have made rude comments about Lohan. I can also say for sure that TMZ definitely has. But because Justin Bieber does it makes him "hateable" and "despicable" where's your ****ing logic? Just because Bieber is standing up for himself, clearing up the blatant lies about him, makes him a douche. He's 19 for christ's sake. And he IS successful, probably more than I can say for half of you

587 days ago


He is talented but he doesn't realize he is running out of time. He did too much too soon, his target audience is little girls that are growing up. He already put out a Christmas album, a bio-pic about his life and he's done some crappy TV shows. There is nothing left for him to try. He wants to be a rapper but nobody cares, he can't act so Hollywood doesn't want him.

He will just start to fade and its not the money he will worry about, its that he will not become another Michael Jackson or some multi-talented superstar. At some point he will do anything to stay relevant and that will only make him look worse.

Eventually the money will stop coming in but he will want to keep living the good life and he will start using up all his savings. By the time he is 30 he will be out of cash and will end up on some stupid reality TV show about washed up entertainers.

587 days ago


What the **** is your kid is doing at 19 I bet your kid can't buy you a house at 19 quit Internet hating he has more fans than haters

587 days ago


Justin could have been referring to how poorly Lindsay has handled her wealth, not that he is better than her because he is richer. She has likely made more money than him and drank it away, leaving huge debts to the government, creditors, and friends - so he has a point.
Secondly, time will tell if Justin is talented. I remember another Justin that people called a "***" all the time when he was in that ***gy boy band called N' Sync. Now he's not so lame, right? Bieber is just a snotty kid in general right now, but so were you at his age.

587 days ago


DOUCHE. Ungrateful. Remember : karma.

587 days ago


I can't wait to see him on Celebrity Rehab.

587 days ago


he is where he is in life because was picked out by Usher who was looking fior the perfect trainable little monkey. then he hired all the best dance instructors, voice coaches, video artists, fashion designers, song writers and musicians,etc...and created him in the image of every other popstar in the universe. Bieber is walking around shirtless withhis pants falling off his tighty whiteys like he is some rap star from the early 90's. And the gas mask? LOL! channeling Michael Jackson? money comes easy to a popstar because 13 years olds (mommy's and daddy's) and homosexuals have alot of buying power in this country. not to mention people in other countries who are crippled with the excessive preoccupation of western pop culture garbage. I mean come on, the Kardashians and the Hiltons would have been nothing without the obsessed Japanese and Persians. and American Idol is like one of the biggest reality shows ever launched. People LOVE pop crap. However, they get over one popstar and move on to the next pretty damn fast. that is the beauty of it all. the audience is a fickle beast. Popstars have a real short shelf life. Then we get to watch these morons go insane and disinegrate into drug abuse and alcoholism as they try to stay relevent, hold on to their fans, their youth, their stardom, and they never ever regain that momentum once their audience grows up a little. If they are real lucky they can move into another field of business such as acting like Timberlake did. But that is rare.

587 days ago


I'm sorry, so Scooter thinks this is all OK?

Any publicity is good?

Or maybe JB has no manager now because he's, like, super successful and rich.....he can trash people and behave how ever he wants now.

Wow, that's so cool JB.

587 days ago

Cynical Sam    

Hey Biebster, You just jumped the shark. 'Grow the hell up. and have some compassion for people. You're NOT that talented and are one scandal away from being my paperboy, Beeyotch !

587 days ago


All you need is to give someone a little time and they will show who they really are.

I know he is 19 but his attitude is terrible. For all the people that love him and see him as a good kid, they will also make excuses for him.

Don't you just hate when your idol falls from grace?

587 days ago


What a little (and I DO mean little) punk.
His momma needs take away his toys
and put him in time out.

587 days ago


LMFAO he REALLY thinks he's going to be Michael Jackson..............REALITY: Michael Jackson had more talent, charisma, heart, fame in his pinky toe than Justin Bieber will ever have in his entire body...FACT. Sorry ,BUT there isn't even a comparison....Justin is JUST OK at everything he does...singing (dime a dozen, one dimensional, not strong), dancing he's OK (his moves aren't sharp..he doesn't dance w/ soul), I saw him perform a few times now on award shows and etc....not an exciting all, his music is also dime a dozen, mediocre teen pop...throw away music. >>>Forget Michael Jackson...he's not even as good as Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Usher and Ne-Yo. .....>>>>>another thing Michael Jackson had he Justin doesn't.....HE WAS HUMBLE and respectful.

587 days ago

Col. Sardonic    

You may be rich, but that doesn't make you any less of an obnoxious cu nt.

587 days ago
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