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Justin Bieber

I'm So Damn Successful ...

Not a Loser Like Lindsay

3/14/2013 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber has just become hateable -- he's just gone on a rant trashing people in financial straits as losers ... aka Lindsay Lohan.

Bieber's tirade was posted on Instagram ... where he touted how great he is ... "It must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning [for me]. I know my talent level ..."

Justin then delivered the douchiest comment since Brandon Davis' rant against Lindsay. Justin says, "... to those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan look at her 2012 tax statements ;)"

Translation -- Lindsay's a loser because she doesn't have any money and he does so he's better than her.


Justin goes on to say he doesn't think he deserves negative press and pooh-poohs stories claiming he's going to rehab.

BTW ... Bieber just deleted his rant.

UPDATE:  8:48 AM PDT:  Bieber just re-posted, but he deleted the reference to Lindsay.


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Joseph Diehl    

Maybe it's Justina's time of the month?

586 days ago


Well this shoudl give Lohan a chance to chime in.

586 days ago


I have mad respect for Justin. He's 19 , he's paid and he's talented. Who didn't make some mistakes when they were 19, no one's perfect. He can say what he wants, we live in America where we have freedom of speech. Yeah he shouldn't point fingers and copare himself to Lindsey Lohan, he shouldn't even waste his breath. I suggest that he stays away from drugs, even marajuana can lead to worse stuff. Justin has everything to lose and nothing to gain at this point . He should just chill and be confident , he doesn't even need to say anything and just live his life at this point. He has nothing to prove.

586 days ago


Um who does he think he is?!?!?! If he wants to go there the same could be said for him! What were his tax returns like BEFORE he was "discovered" on Youtube!

586 days ago


Um who does he think he is?!?!?! If he wants to go there the same could be said for him! What were his tax returns like BEFORE he was "discovered" on Youtube!

586 days ago


Let the boy have his first mild breakdown. It's a tough business he's in with no authority.

586 days ago


I'm going against the grain and and say I do understand why he felt the need to do this rant. The first part, although true, comes off as arrogant and boastful. The second part is reasonable. The Lindsay reference didn't bother me, because a lot of people are comparing him to her, and that is just ridiculous.

It's understandable he's on the defensive, given the all the bad press he has received lately. However, you could argue he deserved it because of his antics and actions.

Like he said, it must be tough to grow up and try to find yourself while living under a microscope. I know others have done it just fine, but they probably didn’t have anywhere near the amount of fame as Justin does. I don't think he needs rehab, but I do think he needs to be more mindful about how his actions will be perceived by his fans and their parents. I think he's a good kid, but he needs to check himself and lie low for awhile.

586 days ago


When you give money to a little boy...

586 days ago


I still can't believe he dumped Selena Gomez for Lil Twist.

586 days ago


I'm so sick of this guy, ugh, he's not that talented. And he needs to know that we will trash Lindsay not him. She's like a family member run amok and we're mad as hell at her but he'd better shut it. Him and Taylor Swift should take a flying leap off a tall cliff.

586 days ago


What a putz... 35 million fans, all of which have to get money from their parents. This little wimp is going the way of Leif, Donny, Bobby and the other teen idols that vanished when they grew hair on their naughty place....

586 days ago

Suzanne Smith     

Way to go Justin! TMZ you are the douchebag. You will do anything to bring Jusitn down. So over you!

586 days ago


He started out a nice, family oriented kid. But he was
obviously way too immature to stay that way.
It's sad for all the little girls who still adore him.

586 days ago


Is this shallow child tryimg to alienate people?

586 days ago


Little arrogant *******

586 days ago
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