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3/14/2013 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Bieber posted an angry rant including a nasty slam on Lindsay Lohan ... but then tried to take it back. Why's JB lashing out -- and more importantly, why throw LiLo under the bus??

Plus, Charlie Sheen's also going off ... on his daughter's school! Charlie thinks his little girl was bullied, and now he's taking it out on the school with a crappy call to arms. Is that fair?

And, apparently everyone LOVES Jennifer Lawrence -- 'cause now there's scientific proof (sort of) even the most infamous hate group is into her ... not that JLaw's necessarily happy about this news.

(0:00) Charlie Sheen declares war on his daughter's school after she was allegedly bullied ... but did he go too far?
(7:00) Julianne Hough had over $100,000 in jewelry that Ryan Seacrest gave her stolen ... from her unlocked car. Should he be pissed?
(10:00) Justin Bieber takes a shot at Lindsay Lohan during a strange rant -- and then quickly apologizes.
(15:00) Kyle Richards wears a necklace with her Twitter handle on it -- douchey move ... or just good marketing?
(18:00) Matthew McConaughey is back to being ripped after losing a ton of weight for a role ... is it possible to do without Lance Armstrong-type help.
(21:00) Tara Reid stumbles out of a club again -- and it's just sad now.
(23:00) Ben Affleck is a secret agent angling for the destruction of Iran -- this according to some totally sane people.
(27:00) Chris Isaak sued after his roadies allegedly treated one of their own horribly.
(29:00) Dick Clark's estate just dropped $1 million on his old frat. Party time!
(31:00) Jennifer Lawrence -- so likable ... that hate groups don't even hate her.
(33:00) Lil Wayne hospitalized for seizures again.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for ... Tim's best/worst pitches of the week.

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And now, in defense of Matthew McC. Christian Bale looked even worst that Matt for "THE MACHINIST" dude weighed about 100lbs soaking wet. He spent six months lifting weights, on a high calorie diet and became BATMAN, for "THE DARK KNIGHT". It's called dedication to the craft, you freakazoids and not everyone that comes back from overweight, or underweight needs illegal drugs. Dumbazz that says Matt is good friends with Lance and his doping scandal. Why would Matt need Lance's doping to buff himself up, last I looked, Matthew was entering a cycling contest, nor was he doing a movie about cycling. JERKS!!!

587 days ago


If there's an earthquake right now,i would like to see Harvey reaction

587 days ago


I love how all the news outlets, radio and general media has reported this morning that Kimmykakes was ordered to sit for a deposition in two weeks. What we will see though is this, once it gets closer to the depo we will get thread after thread about how sick Kimmykakes is, how she's dealing with stomach pains and that a doctor has put her on bed rest. Oh TMZ, the web you weave to deceive, tsk, tsk.

587 days ago


Have a FANTABULOUS DAY fellow posters. Enjoy your morning, afternoon, evening and keep safe. Hope to post with you all tomorrow.
This is Maj, signing off.

587 days ago


So the teeny booper feminine boy toy metrosexual skinny blow dried punk wants to start talkin some gangtsa smack at LiL

587 days ago



587 days ago


looks like Charles

587 days ago

BB not bb    

I don't believe the lady who called in about the bullying. She said Charlie was never there, so what he said can't be true, but Denise was there and she pulled the girl out of the school. I think the lady was trying to whitewash the situation. She said the alleged bully was just a sweet little second grader. All kids can be mean though. There are bullies who know how to play sweet when they have to. They are little sociopaths. It is better to teach them to respect others at a young age instead of waiting for them to wreak havoc when they are older.

587 days ago


money is the gage of a persons worth when you are dealing immature simple minded hicks. I dont get why Justin even tweets in the first place. it makes him insane when he reads-hears anything derrogatory about himself. he should stay off of all social media and stop acting out in public in front of the paps (just like Lindsay Lohan always like to do). the stars with longevity are the ones who keep a low profile in public. they do their job and act with some integrity in public, like normal people do.

586 days ago
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