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Charlie Sheen

I Stand Behind My Plan

To Dog Poop the 'Bully' School

3/15/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0314-tmz-charlie-sheen-viewpoint-tmzCharlie Sheen is unapologetic that he goaded his fans to descend on the private school where he says his daughter was unmercifully bullied and smear dog poop on the premises.

Charlie tells TMZ ... Viewpoint School in Calabasas, CA "...should be ashamed of itself for allowing the bullying to go on and try to hide it." 

As we first reported, Charlie claims his 9-year-old daughter Sam was bullied so bad a year ago, she couldn't bear going back so he and Denise Richards withdrew the child from the school.  He claims the school called his daughter a liar and buried the problem.

Charlie goes on ... his anger has been at a slow boil for months and he just couldn't stand it anymore and that's why he waited, adding, "There's no statute of limitations on bullying."

As for why the dog poop ... Charlie said "They [Viewpoint officials] needed a visual reminder not to forget the epidemic of bullying."

As for Charlie targeting the alleged bully -- a girl named Victoria (Charlie wanted his fans to write her name in dog poop at the school) ... he screamed, "9-year-old!!! How about the 9-year-old who is harmless and sweet and was just trying to make a friend."

The school claims it investigated the allegation last year and took appropriate action.


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Toasty J    

This guy should be charged with threatening a school. You cannot do that in the crazy world we live in.

596 days ago

aa success story    

Sorry Charlie..I had a similiar experience..private schools seem to go by their own rules. I had to pull my son out of a "Chistian " school after a teacher taught the kids how to identify gay people by their hands. The whole incident was burried and my son had to leave. I was labeled a trouble maker. They didnt even reprimand the teacher. Private schools are not accountable to they can play by their own rules...and the kids suffer for it.

596 days ago

buzz kill    

Nothing like telling the world about a crime you plan to commit. Not to smart.

596 days ago


There are children involved. I believe there is a better way to deal with this problem and leave a respectable lasting impression on how to deal with such cruelty towards a litttle child. Dog poop is not an answer. May hurt his daughter more.

596 days ago


I hope he gets slammed for trying to incite others to perpetrate a criminal act.

What a has-been loser. He needs to get sober, and start actually parenting instead of pretending to be a good parent a year later.

596 days ago


If 9 year old Victoria gets hurt because of Sheen's sick mind, I hope he goes to prison for a long time.

596 days ago


I used to think Sheen was merely a pathetic douche.

Now I think he is a colossal douche.

Go to rehab and get a real life, Charlie.

596 days ago

judy jetson    

This story stinks.

596 days ago

Slick Rick    

Why Dog Poop? Why Not The Poop of All The Women He's Slept With? Haha i just had 2 say that.

596 days ago


I think it is dangerous to encourage violence against a school. It is dangerous and irresponsible, but then again, Charlie Sheen is a total nut-case.

596 days ago


I heard Charlie just hired a bunch of monkeys to to fling poo at the school. And they work for bananas.

596 days ago


In this case you have to consider the source. This man is a nutbar. He went on tour with a bunch of strippers, noting he was a warlock with tiger blood and Adonis DNA. Got fired from a gig paying umpteen million per episode because of a drug and booze addled mind where he called the director a derogatory term for a Jew. He has been charged with beating a prostitute on a coke binge and trashing the hotel suite where she was cowering in the bathroom. How in hell can you believe anything this piece of garbage says. For him to incite hatred against a kid is par for the course. Nutbar. I believe the parents of the other little girl have a good case for the courts, and Charlie is ripe for the picking.

596 days ago


Charlie, I know what it's like to be bullied, as a child and an adult. Will bird poop suffice?

596 days ago


Charlie, you REALLY need to get off the drugs. You just have to get over the fact that your father is a better actor then you are, and accept it.

596 days ago


it's called vandalism you moron. Hope you keep up your stupid antics until you end up in prison

596 days ago
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