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Charlie Sheen

Private School Digs In for


3/15/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's dog poop smearing threats have resonated with the people at his daughter's private school -- where administrators have CALLED IN HEAVY SECURITY to stop the Warlock's attack before it begins.

TMZ has learned ... the brass at Viewpoint School in Calabasas have fired off a letter to concerned parents, assuring them they have implemented major security measures to protect the campus and the students from a dog crap attack.

As we previously reported, Sheen has declared war on the school ... claiming officials did NOTHING to help his 9-year-old daughter when she was bullied by another student last year. Sheen has vowed to take his revenge by smearing dog poop all over the campus.

But he's gonna have a helluva time getting on the property -- school officials says it's increased its own security staff and hired an outside security firm to patrol the campus during evenings and weekends.

School officials also say the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. has increased patrols in the area in the wake of the threats.

If we know Charlie (and who really does?) ... we're guessing the security measures won't exactly serve as a deterrent -- he probably welcomes the challenge.

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buzz kill    

Wait till he gets the bill for the extra security as a result of his threats. That ought to really piss him off.

552 days ago


Come on folks. Get a sense of humor. Who really thinks people are going to spread dog crap because some semi celebrity asked them too?

552 days ago


This is hilarious

552 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Hey Charlie, call off the Tiger Mafia and put some hard cash behind well-produced anti-bullying campaigns. You are furious and justifiably so. But do something with lasting merit. Dog sh** only smells so long.

552 days ago


I hope L.A. County is going to bill the school for the Sheriff's overtime...The school can then sue Charlie for it. But my taxes shouldn't be paying for it.

552 days ago


Charlie is a riot, and has more intelligence than people give him credit for. I suspect he's probably read Sun Tzu's "Art of War" as this is a masterful piece of diversion and causing an enemy to expend resources fighting a phantom enemy. Bravo, Charlie! Masterfully played!

552 days ago


I feel so sorry for his children. I'd still like to know why he waited a year after the incident to exact his disgusting revenge. Not winning, Charlie.

552 days ago

carlos lascoutx    

...Qué pasa, Calabasa? if you're wondering where
Charley In the News Again got the DooDoo idea,
calabasa is slang for, turd. here's looking at you, kid.

552 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a baller-he had the extra f^ck around cash to throw at lilo. He's like a human party and this dogcrap thing is him entertaining himself as an intellectual exercise.

552 days ago


This is nothing. When my daughter was bullied I called and went to the school on several occasions. She had bruises, a black eye and a broken finger. The school said they could do nothing because no one else saw it. When the girl attacked her she fell and said my daughter pushed her and that is how she broke her arm. The school suspended my daughter. That was the last straw. I threatened them as any parent would. We only hear about this because its Charlie. This goes on all the time. Schools go on about anit bullying but do nothing when it is on their own front door. I am with Charlie on this one.

552 days ago


I went to Viewpoint and graduated from their high school. I can GUARANTEE you that the school would not blow off a parent's concern, celebrity or not. They were very involved in the student's lives and would not allow this. Charlie Sheen shows his class by telling the world to bully another 9 year old.

552 days ago


I attended Viewpoint and graduated from their upper school. I GUARANTEE that the administration would never let this type of behavior continue. They are too involved in their students lives, whether they are celebrities or not. Charlie Sheen shows his class by requesting the world bully a 9 year old little girl.

552 days ago


I went to this school and graduated from their upper school. I guarantee that the administration would not tolerate this behavior between any two students. Sheen is a nut!!

552 days ago


And this is good behavior to teach your daughters? Oh wait... are the Anger Management ratings down or something?

552 days ago


He's off his meds again.

552 days ago
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