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Michael Jackson

Kids, Mom Want

Over $40 BIL!!!

3/15/2013 5:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0315-katherin-kids-gettyMichael Jackson's 3 children and his mom Katherine want in excess of $40 BILLION from AEG Live for the death of the singer ... TMZ has learned.

We've obtained legal docs which now lay out what Prince, Paris, Blanket and Katherine want from the entertainment company for its alleged negligent hiring and supervision of Dr. Conrad Murray.

The kids want $10 billion for all of the future earnings they claim MJ would have scored had he lived.

They want an additional $50 million for various other damages.

AEG Live claims the $40 billion is preposterous because Michael's career was in a downward spiral following the child molestation allegations, as well as self-imposed exile in the Middle East.  They claim the damage claim is based on rank speculation.


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Singer had great talent but no one forced him to OD, HE made that choice.

582 days ago


Doesn't surprise me in the least! Money hungry, money grabbing family. They've always been this way and there is no sign of them giving up. They have this sense of entitlement, which none of them earned. Michael was failing fast in his career.

582 days ago


I don't think AEG Live has that kind of money. They are just an entertainment company and not BP. I think AEG Live could win a countersuit against the Jackson estate for breach of contract. That's why I think it was dumb for the Jacksons to open this can of worms. Expect the Jacksons to quietly drop this suit in the next few years and hope they don't loose major $$$ in the countersuit.

582 days ago


Which ones are the crooks?

582 days ago


I think Michael was a tremendous entertainer and do not buy all the accusations made against him, his children deserve to be compensated for such drastic negligence. People are too quick to judge and main stream media will hack anyone who bucks the ones pulling the strings. Boo Hiss what ever happened to due process and thou shalt not judge?

582 days ago


jackson makes all gay people look bad the man was not happy with him self or life .... the family is Nuts all have very deep issues and they all need to go get jobs and work stop playing the who owes me money card you ALL should get ZERO PERIOD

582 days ago

Eric Barbaric    

Am I alone in thinking that these children, especially the oldest two, look awfully caucasian for being half black? I've always doubted Jackson's validity as their biological father.

582 days ago


Most of Michael Jacksons life has been all music, many actors and actress' do drugs (some legal not not) just to keep going - to wake up and to sleep etc. Michael has always been a kid at heart and loved kids, then people kick back at him for abuse just because he has Money - which law suits casued him to leave the country - GREED - and some one that will always be in the hearts of people - I can't blame the Jacksons for what they are asking (might be a might hight) but Michael was very popular no matter what and his kids suffered and I am sure mocked by many - which is nothing new to those in the entertainment world is why many try to keep their kids out of the spot light.
Good Luck with things - God Bless

582 days ago


Sorry, I can see the kid's wanting the Money - don't know about the MOM - seems Their Grandmother and Aunt Janet are the one's that took care of the the kids the most. Why is it the MOM wants the money? when its the kids future not her's. But seems like she is setting up a new life for HerSelf? Not the kids!

582 days ago


The whole idiotic family is disgusting. Like they haven't gotten enough from the KING of FREAK as it is.

582 days ago


The Jackson family is simply UGLY as whale crap. Look at them, they stink and would turn a funeral down an alley. Momma Jackson is not as ugly as daddy jackson but close. No wonder the FREAK had so much plastic surgery he wanted to not look like any of them and be a little white boy.

582 days ago


Michael Jacksons family is not Michael Jackson. If they now need more money after inheriting and squandering hundreds of millions they can get a job. Seems to me Jackson's mother would set a better example and insure the kids go to college. I think she's gotten greedy as well as senile.

582 days ago


Greedy Little AH--S!!! I still feel that M Js Heart was so f d d up That no matter what that doctor did he would have died!! That doctor should not be in jail it was a terrible accident ! he could have given him a glass off wine and it could have killed him.

582 days ago


I am missing something here, 10B plus 50M does not equal 40B.

582 days ago

Donovan Sanchez    

I can understand $40M, but not $40B!

582 days ago
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