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Kathie Lee Gifford

People Who Shave Their

Vaginas Are STUPID

3/15/2013 3:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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Kathie Lee Gifford doesn't shave her vagina ... in fact, she looks down on people who do (people like Hoda Kotb) ... and the only reason we know it is because she talked all about her hoo-hah hair care ON LIVE TV!!!

Kathie Lee and Hoda were talking pubes on "Today" Friday morning ... and discussing if certain personality traits fall in line with how a woman manicures her special area.

Kathie Lee made it clear ... she rocks the full vagina-fro ... and she's damn proud of it.

Hoda on the other hand ... not so much.

Just watch the video.


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I think hairy snatches are absolutely disgusting, almost manly. Trimmed low is nice. Bald is great. Anyone who equates this to being "like as child" is a perverted freak. It simply looks more pleasing without a bunch of nasty hair in the way.

570 days ago


Call me old fashioned, but I think a woman should look like a woman. When I'm intimate with a woman, I do not wish to feel like I'm molesting a little girl. Guys who prefer a woman to be completely hairless there are just one step away from becoming pedophiles, IMO!

570 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Wow, is this a subject that needs such outrage from Mrs Kathie Lee? I shave and I love it. So does my husband.

569 days ago


REALLY! Kathie Lee! --- No Really! This is a woman who wonders why no one likes her! UGH!

Just way too much T M I!

568 days ago


that's why her husband cheated on get something clean

567 days ago


This "show" is definitely the worst thing I've seen in a long time. How the hell are two drunk bimbos mouthing off senselessly with no sign of embarrassment entertaining to anyone in their right mind? KLG should be ashamed to show her face much less talk about her privates. What an idiot! Someone should use her face as a runway.

567 days ago

Dick Sicario    

Hoda probably started shaved it back in the days she worked for Playboy TV. Something that seems to be conviently left out of her resume. She was the co-host of a sex talk show on the Playboy channel in the 90's.

567 days ago


Hilarious that people think having hair "down there" is dirty. How often do you people take a shower?? If it smells, get your ass to a doctor. Definately do some trimming/tidying up, but shaving it

567 days ago


I don't think anyone gives a rat's ass about what Kathie Lee Gifford says or does. She has always been a very opinionated big mouth and now we know it comes with a bushy ****.

567 days ago


Maybe if she had of trimmed her hoo-hah, her husband wouldn't have went elsewhere to test other waters.

567 days ago


I'm a barber for the Y $50.00 first cut, $25.00 all cuts after that. Call 1- 910 901-1234 for an appointment

567 days ago


I can not believe how absolutely ignorant of human anatomy adult humans can be. The vagina is the internal tube between the cervix and the external genitalia. IT HAS NO HAIR.

565 days ago


OK, Kathie, here's the deal:

You CAN'T shave your vagina. It's internal.

You CAN shave your PUBIS or (Gulp) your VULVA (Don't nick yourself.). THEY are EXTERNAL.

Now, if you have any questions, I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to give you some hands on instruction...

562 days ago



562 days ago


wow. I hope they know that the vagina is the opening and the mons pubis and labia are what is actually shaved!

562 days ago
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