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Kathie Lee Gifford

People Who Shave Their

Vaginas Are STUPID

3/15/2013 3:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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Kathie Lee Gifford doesn't shave her vagina ... in fact, she looks down on people who do (people like Hoda Kotb) ... and the only reason we know it is because she talked all about her hoo-hah hair care ON LIVE TV!!!

Kathie Lee and Hoda were talking pubes on "Today" Friday morning ... and discussing if certain personality traits fall in line with how a woman manicures her special area.

Kathie Lee made it clear ... she rocks the full vagina-fro ... and she's damn proud of it.

Hoda on the other hand ... not so much.

Just watch the video.


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Spicy mag    

Instead of a landing strip she has a highway .

530 days ago


So, Kathie Lee thinks people have been on the planet for 6 billion years, huh? Think since she isn't busy with the bushy she'd have to time to crack a book ;)

530 days ago


It's doesn't make a difference.... Kathy Lee is still sexy and I bet she does trim. I am sure all women who don't shave probably does a little trimming all the while keeping it all natural!!!!

530 days ago


I am sorry , I feel that it is wrong to go full on shave. LITTLE GIRLS are like that . Why would men want to look at it , like it was pre puberty !!!!! . Grooming yes. FULL On shave NO!!!

530 days ago


I LOVE my ***** shaved #sorrynotsorry !!! Bush is old school if you have a beautiful VAG flaunt it to your man !!!

530 days ago

Craig P    

Kathie Lee Gifford is just gross... the fact that she admits she doesn't maintain her Vajayjay would make any guy want to vomit all over her. Pubic hair is dirty, smelly and absorbs poo and pee... the fact anyone would want that on their body is a nut case!

530 days ago


For a woman, Kathy lee is ignorant about her own body or she has a major mutation. A vagina which is an opening into a woman's body is not hairy. The outer labia, known as Labia Majora is hairy, also known as the outer lips. The inner lips or the Labia Minora also has no hair.

530 days ago


Thanks TMZ there are some things I didn't need to know. Now every time I see kathie lee I'm going to be thinking about her fro-gina. Thanks a lot.

530 days ago


If you like bald pu-ss-y, you're a pedo!

I'm a child of the 70's/80's, GIVE ME BUSH!

530 days ago


Either way it's a personal preferrence. Hair that grows around the genitals locks in sexually stimulating scents called pheromones. For some, scents released from these areas are noticeable and can increase sexual desire. Shaving became more popular due to porn.

530 days ago


I am sick of women walking around with out any pubic hair like they 8 year old girls, WTF? I hate bald vaginas with a passion.

530 days ago


These two are ridiculous w/ their 9am wine guzzling and their teenage talk.

530 days ago


Serious? Would you rather french kiss a half head or a nasty Afro? Exactly... Dudes don't like hair in their teeth! It has nothing to do with liking young girls. smdh

530 days ago


... French kiss* a bald head

530 days ago

BB not bb    

Someone said that hair acts as a shock abosorber and wicks away moisture and releases scent hormones. I think it has a lot of purposes. Animals are attracted by scent. Do you want to have animal attraction or robot functioning? I think animals have more fun.

If moisture is being wicked away, that means the area is cleaner. There is less chance for fungus and yeast to grow there. Many women have yeast infections, maybe from so much shaving contributing to it.

These areas are called private parts. That is why they have hair to cover and hide them. They are not supposed to be on display like the Kabba. I think it is more modest to leave the hair alone.

Kathy Lee is very uninhibited. I don't know if it is an act, but it is funny. I used to watch this show. It is kind of spontaneous and a good time.

530 days ago
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